ENVY   We can start with Exodus the 20th chapter. In the 17th verse God said to Moses: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s. We shouldn’t covet anything means that we are not allowed to envy anybody. I could have stopped here, but I will go into more details. The apostle Paul is writing both to Timothy and to the saints in ... (read more)


COMMUNICATION Part 4 Many people participate in courses and treatments that turn out to be different than expected. One doesn’t get the right information in advance or maybe very limited information. Yoga is such an example. It is called gymnastic and relaxation and no one is saying that yoga is part of Hinduism. It is recommended by doctors and others within the medical ward and one thinks that it must be good then. Others are invited to parties at their working place and that sounds like a ... (read more)


Communication. Part 3 Today I want to write about marriage. I will actually start by writing about the time before marriage. How do you communicate then? I know that there could be a difference between those that are Christians and those not believing in Christ. It should be a difference. In our society where I live, they do not wait long before they sleep together and it is quite common to move together before marriage. The Bible says that sex belongs to marriage. Some couples are so involved ... (read more)


COMMUNICATION Part 2 How do we Christians talk with each other and how do we communicate with those that are not believers? Some congregations are focusing so much on being successful that it can be difficult to be honest. Many are putting on a masque hoping to be accepted. One can become one person at home and a totally different person in church. The gap between these two can grow so big that one stops going to church. I will be a little more concrete. Maybe you are depressed and experience ... (read more)


COMMUNICATION Part 1 Some of you will think that I write about something that isn’t spiritual enough, but I have wanted to teach on this subject for a long time back. Lack of good communication is a reason for many divorces and there have been a lot of misunderstanding both among friends, family and in working situations. God can definitely use communication. He actually wants to communicate with us all the time, but this is also an area where the devil can play. Do not give him room. I will ... (read more)


WHAT IS COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH?   We read in Matthew 15:18 that we are not defiled by what we eat, but by what we say. I have recently been to another country and was asking if we could drink the water at the different places I was visiting. I didn’t want to get some germs in me. Are we just as careful about the germs coming out of your mouth? What are we spreading around us? What do you talk about when you are together with your family? I do hope that you are eating dinner together quite ... (read more)


DOES THE LORD HAVE LIMITATIONS? Part 2 My answer to that was both a yes and a no. God has created heaven and earth and His abilities have no limits. He has created everything that has life and I am amazed over how He has thought of every little detail. He has created everything that grows on earth and every cell has its purpose and function. God’s creative abilities have no limits, but everything created is built on exact laws of nature and that has its limitations. Palm trees ought to be in ... (read more)


DOES THE LORD HAVE LIMITATIONS? Part 1 I will right away answer yes and no. I will use the next hours to explain what I mean by that. Yes, I do spend some hours on the writing in two languages. God is not a floating mass. No, we call Him Daddy or Father and Jesus and The Holy Spirit are also parts of The Deity. Our Father is seated in Heaven and Jesus is on His right side. The Holy Spirit is on the earth and He can be present at many places at the same time. He is not limited by time nor place. ... (read more)


SPRING-CLEANING.   I believe that you have to live in the Nordic countries to fully understand what I am writing about this time. Here we have four different seasons. March, April and May are considered to be the spring months. The trees are without any leaves and there are no flowers or other herbs growing during the winter. It is cold and the ground is often covered by snow. Everything is hidden underneath the ground, ready to spring forth when the sun is warming the ground. In what ... (read more)


THE RESSURRECTION!   I closed the last chapter by saying that the tomb is empty and Jesus has overcome the power of death. “Jesus is risen, hurrah, hurrah, He is alive today.” This is a song that my children sang when they were small. My favorite Easter song starts like this: “Easter-morning quenches the grief, quenches the grief for ever.” What kind of grief? The sorrow of being separated from the intimate relationship with the Father because of sin. Adam and Eve caused this ... (read more)