PRAYERS AND PRAYER-MEETINGS. Part 3 I promised last time that I should write about spiritual warfare this time. I have been writing about the intimate relationship with our Father in heaven and with Jesus, our Savior. I have written that we could go to God with our personal needs. When we get together at prayer meetings, we might praise the Lord, but also pray for the needs of our country, our families and for our church. We should agree on the prayer request and be in one accord. James 5:16 ... (read more)


PRAYERS AND PRAYER-MEETINGS. Part 2 When we pray alone, we have a personal relationship to God. We are first and foremost together with Him whom we call our Father. We are also together with Jesus, our Bridegroom, with whom we shall celebrate a wedding. Since we are children of God, we are allowed to come to Him as children, pouring out our heart to Him. We do not need to pretend to be different. Masks can fall off. When we come to the Lord with our petitions, it might be that we need personal ... (read more)


PRAYERS AND PRAYER-MEETINGS. Part 1 I have been to many different prayer-meetings in different churches and groups throughout my life-time. A lot of them have been very good, but sometimes I return home and I cry over lack of leadership and a lot of confusion. That has caused division instead of oneness in the Spirit. I have been to other meetings with a strong leader and she or he is the only one allowed to pray. That is also wrong. To pray and to pray with others is not exactly the same. I ... (read more)


HOW DO WE NAVIGATE IN THESE DAYS? Part 2 Whom should you trust and follow? Many, many leaders have led their sheep into false doctrines. That is really the fault of the teacher, but also the mistake of each member. We can read about the church in Berea in Acts 17. It is written that the Jews there were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica. They received the word with all readiness and they searched the Scriptures daily to find out if the teaching was right. I believe that is like a ... (read more)


HOW DO WE NAVIGATE IN THESE DAYS? Part 1 Some people will ask: “Is there anything different today compared with earlier times?” It depends on the object or the event of the comparison. It also depends on the time of the comparison. I must first and foremost rely on my spirit. I personally feel that things are happening so fast that I hardly can move in the same speed. The next question is: What should I focus on and how much energy should I spend on knowing? I believe that is a personal ... (read more)

THE BODY. part 3

THE BODY. Part 3. Today I want to write about the cleansing of the body and how it can be healed. I also want to give some advice to members that are in conflict. The Body of Christ consists of human beings and none of us will be perfect in our soul and body here on earth, only in our spirit. Our spirits form our unity. Paul writes in 1. Corinthians 5:6 that just a little leaven leavens the whole lump. That is why it is so important to get rid of the leaven. Paul mentions sin and evil as ... (read more)

THE BODY, part 2

THE BODY. Part 2 I laid the foundation for who could call themselves members of the Body of Christ last time. One must have been born again. Christ is the head and we the members. John 15 describes Jesus as the true vine and God as the vinedresser. We are branches, meant to bear a lot of fruits. If we aren’t bearing any fruits, we are cut off the tree to die. The branch that bears fruit, is pruned that it might bear more fruits. I mentioned that we can do nothing unless we are in Christ. If a ... (read more)

THE BODY, Part 1

THE BODY! Part 1 I will not write about the physical body. I am not a doctor, but I will write about the Body of Christ and that can be compared with the physical body in many ways. I will start by referring to Ephesians 1:22-23. It is written: “And He(God) put all things under His(Jesus) feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all.” If you are born again which means that you have confessed your sins and received ... (read more)


HOW DO WE USE THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT? Part 1 The Bible describes nine gifts of the Spirit. 1.Corinthians 12 is a very central chapter in describing the gifts. The 14th chapter writes a lot about speaking in tongues and prophesies. The gifts are given to us and we cannot use them unless they are given. These gifts are only given to the children of God. The 11th verse in chapter 12 is saying that it is the same Spirit working through all the gifts and God gives individually as He wills. The 7th ... (read more)


BREAK THE CHAINS!   Part 1   I just arrived from Ukraine where I have been for two weeks. I have had seminars five different places in Ukraine. I was teaching partly from my book about healing and deliverance, but had also other themes in connection with this. I arrived home happy and inspired to teach more and to help many more to become free. It was fantastic to see how many getting revelations about the roots of their problems and their joy when they understood that they could be ... (read more)