Part 1

Some people will ask: “Is there anything different today compared with earlier times?” It depends on the object or the event of the comparison. It also depends on the time of the comparison.

I must first and foremost rely on my spirit. I personally feel that things are happening so fast that I hardly can move in the same speed. The next question is: What should I focus on and how much energy should I spend on knowing? I believe that is a personal question depending on how God wants to use you. I really do not believe that anybody should be totally ignorant. I unfortunately know about Christians saying that they do not want to know. God is in full control and they want to live in their own little bubble. Yes, I also believe that God is in control and certain prophesies cannot be changed, but a lot can be changed through our prayers. The devil got control over this world after the fall of men, but we believers are supposed to take dominion over our own lives, other people’s lives, regions and countries. Wen people have repented and started to pray diligently for their city and country, great changes have taken place. People have come to Jesus, criminality has reduced drastically, the agriculture has produced more and with a much better quality. The entire atmosphere has changed.

During this summer I have been asked to read about a lot of things happening in politics and in the Body of Christ. I am mostly called to pray for the Body, but God doesn’t want us to be ignorant about the devil’s plans for the world. He does not want to have a one-world government being ruled by Anti-Christ. This will unfortunately happen. I have been reading about the Bilderberg group consisting of leading men and women in politics, media and business world and this year a cardinal was also invited. These meetings are built on secrecy and nothing is supposed to leak out. I have also read about the Barcelona treaty. The Common Market have promised to give wrong information about Muslims and they pay 160 million Swedish crowns to educate the Imams. How much money do the Christians receive for the education of their leaders and pastors? You can read about this yourself.

Many Christian leaders signed in 2007 a document saying that the Jewish God, Allah and the Christian God is the same. In the Koran it is written that the non-believers can be killed. How can that be the same God?

Other Christians want to unite the Catholics and the Protestants. They are supposed to be one. I have read the Catholic theses and talked to teachers in Catholicism and they say that the word salvation is not used before the Day of Doom. I cannot be one with someone denying the work of Jesus on the Cross. What Jesus did on the Cross is for me the reason why I can call myself a child of God. I am saved by grace. I do not need to go through the purgatory after my death. Jesus has paid the price. I am sure that some Catholics are saved, but the teaching is not biblical.

Many known and big churches in America have joined the Emerging Church. That is a mixture of many things. You can read about that yourself.

Some prophets think that a lot of the negative things happening are the result of sin or cursing Israel. Others say that God is only good and there will be no judgement before the Day of Doom. Did you read about Ananias and Sapphira? We can read about them in Acts 5. They died because they had lied. I do not want to think about all the people that could have died because of lies in the different churches. I personally know about quite a few. God is not only good, but He is also holy.

In the Bible it is written that we live in the world, but not of the world. The world has unfortunately crept into the churches and some churches have meetings that look more like a show than a Christian meeting. They might say that Jesus is the Savior, but the preaching is superficial and not supernatural. The salvation is free, but one expects another lifestyle for a Christian than a non-believer. I understand that sanctification is a process over time, but it should be preached. Some people get a revelation that it is sinful to live together before marriage, but some churches accept living together as normal. The pastor might be afraid of losing members if he preaches about sin.

Some congregations are open for yoga and other occult practices. They sell books about meditation and think that is ok. New Age is creeping into many churches. I do not know if it is lack of knowledge or a conscious practice. The devil knows what he is doing and does it very consciously. He wants to come in forms that are similar to the Bible, but the focus will be on you and not on Jesus. 

People have attended conferences and received laying on hands and afterwards they got some strange movements of their bodies when The Holy Spirit came to a meeting. I am not against manifestations, but they should come from God and not from some other spirits. The manifestations should never be the important thing, but the Lord. Everything taking the focus away from the Lord, comes from the wrong source.

I will continue next time.


Mother Else