Part 2

Last time I wrote about the devil’s plans and the result of his plans. The title is to resist the devil and I guess you want to know how you can do that. I will mention a few points. The Holy Spirit can also teach you.

If you shall resist the devil, you must be quite sure that it is the devil at work. Then you must know who you are in Christ. You could otherwise fight in your own power. Then you must know the authority that God has given to you in Christ and which weapons He has given to you.

God really wants you well and desires a good life for you. You can therefore be totally sure that He doesn’t send accidents nor sicknesses to you. When that happens to you, you might ask Him if you have any open doors for the devil to enter through? Everything good comes from the Father of Light and everything bad comes from the devil. Certain things can happen to countries and regions due to sins of the country. It could for example have to do with how they treat Israel. We read in Genesis 12:3 that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel, will be cursed. It doesn’t say that we must agree with everything happening there and many Jews live in sin, but the hand of God rests upon Israel.

Do you know that God has entered your spirit with everything from heaven when you received Jesus as your Savior? He has given you His authority and says that we can use His name. I cannot go against the devil in my name. He would laugh and ask: “Who are you?” The devil knows that he is conquered by Jesus and he knows that there is power in that name. We must not use the name of Jesus as a form without knowing the deep meaning of it. I have to understand what Jesus did on the Cross and that I can have full victory over him by the blood of Jesus and the words of my mouth. (Revelation 12:11) We do not need to fear the devil when we know our position in the Lord. I do not think that we should play with him. He is an enemy and he is not stupid. I didn’t like it when a Sunday-school teacher wanted the children to play with the devil. I believe that children should hear a lot about Jesus and receive Him as a friend. When they get older, they might learn to resist the devil in the name of Jesus.

We are over and not under!

I mentioned the blood, the blood of Jesus. I have earlier told a story from Singapore, but I will do it again. I and my two daughters were on a night-safari there. I stopped in front of a tiger. The only thing that was between me and the tiger was a plexiglass. Only a few centimeters were between us. While I was staring the tiger in the eyes, the Holy Spirit came over me and said: “You are now staring into the eyes of the enemy, but the plexiglass is like the blood of Jesus and the enemy cannot touch you because of the blood. Remember this: The devil cannot penetrate the blood of Jesus.

Many Christians complain about attacks from the devil or over all the injustice going on. They are angry at members of their own family or in the church, but do they do anything about it? No, they complain and receive attention by making others feel sorry for them. I myself have been trapped into that. I do not do that any more. We must never forget that our fight is not against flesh and blood. We read about that in the Ephesians 6. Our fight is spiritual. That does not mean that we should tolerate controlling spirits to control us though people. No, It is high time for us Christians to become real, open and honest. We have put up a façade way too long. God has not created facades. People might need counselling, but demons must be confronted and driven out. We love and bless people, but demons are enemies and must be treated as such.

People call me and ask me to pray for them when some people say ugly things to them. I might say: “No, you have to rise up and say that you do not want to listen to these accusations.” “Yes, but it is my mother, says the other person and she has always thrown false accusations against me.” I really think that we must brake controlling spirits over our lives and we should not allow demons to run our lives. We must be clear and say that we feel bad when these accusations come and you cannot receive them. I have talked to people that have broken controlling spirits from parents and when they have done that both spiritually and directly with the person, they have gotten a new life. They have received a new self-image, got rid of fear and some started to sleep well at night. It is a spiritual fight, but you also have to do something practical about the situation. I had to leave a congregation where I was despised and controlled. I didn’t do it before I had forgiven people and could do it in peace. God has since then opened quite a few new doors for me and I have gotten new friends and I live like a fish in the water today.

It is sinful to bow down before demons even if they talk through people.

God is not the One to resist the devil. He has already done everything necessary for you to win. You are the one and God will assist you and you can therefor be sure that


Mother Else