THE BODY, part 2


Part 2

I laid the foundation for who could call themselves members of the Body of Christ last time. One must have been born again. Christ is the head and we the members. John 15 describes Jesus as the true vine and God as the vinedresser. We are branches, meant to bear a lot of fruits. If we aren’t bearing any fruits, we are cut off the tree to die. The branch that bears fruit, is pruned that it might bear more fruits. I mentioned that we can do nothing unless we are in Christ. If a branch is laying on the ground, it will die. The same will happen if we are not connected to the tree. The same goes for our physical body, a single toe laying on the ground, will die. I remember how they celebrated in Brazil when a person received Jesus. They understood the importance of being born again, coming into a new family. They had balloons and big posters wishing people welcome to their new family.

Some Christians want to keep their faith to themselves, but this is not according to the will of God. He has created us in His image and has placed us as a part in the body of Christ. You cannot place yourself outside of the Body and say that it is only you and Jesus. He who has given you spiritual birth, has already placed you in the Christian family. You belong to the Head, Jesus and the other members. You might be more or less active, but if you are born again, you are part of the Body.

I like to compare the Body of Christ with the physical body. Where are you placed in the body? Some people have a need to be seen and heard and they think that they are placed where everybody can see and hear them. God has created you. We can read in psalm 139, verse 13: “For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.” He knew the plans He had for you when He created you. He knows if you are a heart or a mouth. The hidden parts of the body are the most vital ones. If your heart does not function, you will die. If we didn’t have faithful intercessors and prayer warriors in the Body, many more would be sick and die and the Kingdom would not expand the way it does now. The world is under the devil, but the Kingdom of God is growing through you and me. Praying is behind everything that happens in the Body. That is not seen by everybody, but by God. All Christians should pray and keep a close contact with God the Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, but some are called to pray as a ministry. That is hard work, honored by the Father.

Ephesians 4:11 writes about the fivefold ministries. That is: apostles, prophets, shepherds, evangelists and teachers. These ministries are given to equip the rest of the Body. These people are seen by others, but they are supposed to be servants. The same letter says that we should grow in maturity. We should not be like small children being tossed here and there. We should always be growing, being more and more like the Head, Jesus Christ.

We can read about the nine gifts of the Spirit in 1. Corinthians 12. That is the word of knowledge, the gift of prophesy and the word of wisdom. These three are called the gifts of revelation. Then we have the gifts of tongues. Mark 16 says that we all should speak in tongues, but when we get a message in tongues and it is interpreted, that is a gift. All Christians have received a certain portion of faith, but we can also receive the gift of faith. One gets supernatural faith that cannot waver. The gift of discerning the spirits is very necessary in these days. So many have been lied to by deceiving spirits. We are also having gifts of healing and gifts of signs and wonders. We should all lay hands on the sick and they should recover (Mark16), but these are special gifts. All of these gifts should be used in love and by faith. These gifts are given so that we can practice the deeds of Christ.

A body needs food and water. Each and everyone of us need daily food and everyone of us needs to read the Bible daily. I wrote about the pastor feeding his sheep last time, but we must learn to eat by ourselves. Some people talk about their favourite Bible verses. We are all having some favourite food, but we must be careful in order to avoid one-sided food. Think about the entire Bible as necessary food.

When you cut your finger, it will heal by itself unless the cut is too deep. That is the same in the Body of Christ. When we get together with other sisters and brothers, our own problems can be solved or at least diminish. When many are praising the Lord together, one turns the focus away from ourselves and focus on Someone much bigger. James 5 says that when we confess our sins to another person, one might be healed. The Bible also says than one takes thousand, but two takes ten thousand. It also says in Matthew 18 that what two agree to pray for, they will receive. We get stronger when we are together with other sisters and brothers as one in the Spirit. I can really feel encouraged through relationship with other members of my Christian family. When I am in ministry, I have other people praying for me. I would not have dared to go out if I didn’t have that.


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