teaching 2023


WE ARE IN WAR. Part 2 I think that we Christians should start reading more about war histories. We should learn more about how the militaries think. I know that when a country is in war, the leaders do not only think about their own men and resources, but they study a lot about the enemy. Who is in power? Who is really making decisions? How many soldiers do they have? What kind of teaching and practice do they have? What are their strategies? I want to declare the fact that all Christians are ... (read more)


  WE ARE IN WAR! Part 1 I wrote last time about the invisible world, a world that is real even if we can’t see it with the mere eye. I want to continue to write about the war going on in the invisible world, but a war that we can see and a war where we participate. I recently asked a man if he had been in the military. He said: “ No, not before I was saved.” It became very clear to him that the enemy had woken up when he got saved. As long as a person lives in the world and functions ... (read more)