Part 1

I wrote last time about the invisible world, a world that is real even if we can’t see it with the mere eye. I want to continue to write about the war going on in the invisible world, but a war that we can see and a war where we participate.

I recently asked a man if he had been in the military. He said: “ No, not before I was saved.” It became very clear to him that the enemy had woken up when he got saved. As long as a person lives in the world and functions in the kingdom of darkness, the devil might leave a person in peace, at least for some time. The person lacks the protection of God when he lives in darkness. The devil became the ruler of this world when Eva and Adam fell in sin and the non-saved person might therefore experience negative things as a result of being in darkness. The devil is only evil and if he does something good, the purpose is to bring the person deeper into the world of darkness. That is the case when a person feels better after using yoga, meditation and healers. I have unfortunately heard about people getting mentally unstable after a deeper meditation. In the worst case, they might become psychotic. Some people call yoga for gymnastic, but every position has a name to an idol that they were supposed to worship. The roots are lying in Hinduism and has spread to Buddhism. A Pinetree doesn’t become an apple-tree because it changes name. A Pinetree has roots of a Pinetree and yoga has roots in another religion. The Lord says that we should not have any other gods.

I believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. I believe in angles. I also believe that demons exist. In Ephesians 6 we read that we have spiritual wars on different levels. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. I really believe that there is a fight on a level where we are not directly involved, but I do think that our prayers influence the outcome of the fight. Satanists say that if Christians would know the full effect of their prayers, they would pray much more. Satanists come together every Wednesday to pray. They pray against Christian leaders, Christian marriages and they try to stop more to become believers. Do their prayers give some result? Yes, unfortunately they do. We have for years heard about Christian leaders falling in sin either in sex, wrong control and power and when it comes to money. The devil attacks them where they are the weakest. I recommend a new leader to have some counselling. They should get delivered and healed from their past before they get a name and become known. When they are well known, they might take many with them when they fall, especially if the followers have put their faith in the leader instead of in God. Many leaders become like an idol in the eyes of people. That is sinful.

I do not want you to misunderstand me. I think we shall show the leaders that are placed there by God, respect. We should not live in rebellion, but our first priority should always be with God. It is written that men can disappoint us, but the Lord will never disappoint us. Some people do not see clearly what comes from God and what comes from the enemy. They might therefore become angry at God instead of the devil. God is big enough to tolerate that, but it is the wrong person. Many believe that God is sending sicknesses as a punishment or even accidents. God is a good God and James is writing in the first chapter and the17th verse that every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights. I am a mother and I would never punish my children by making them sick even if they did something wrong. We read in Isaiah 53:4+5 that Jesus took all the sicknesses upon Himself. God doesn’t give His children something that Jesus has already carried. The Bible says that the wage of sin is death. If we sin and do not confess it, we ourselves are opening up for the powers of darkness. God is warning us against sin since He wants the best for us. He knows that the devil is evil and desires no good for us. God has therefore given us a recipe for living a good life in joy and peace. The recipe is in the Word of God.

Right now we are experiencing a war between Russia and Ukraine. Maybe some of you thought that I should write about that war. I have been all over Ukraine six times and during the war I receive daily a report from Ukraine. I hear how the people are suffering, but also about everyday miracles. It is amazing to read about all the people that are willing to sacrifice their lives for others. There are strong spirits behind this war and if we could look into the spirit world, we would see an intensive fight. I get a report from Christians and Jews standing together, side by side. We must also pray for our countries borders. Cover your country with the Blood of Jesus and angles around the borders.

Are you praying for the area where you live? In Sweden where I live, we hear about a lot of shooting in certain areas in and around the main city, Stockholm. There are criminality and a war between gangs. We watch what is going on, but in the spirit-world there are demons of violence, death and other negative forces. A murderer will often say that a voice has told them to kill. I think that a demon has told them to kill. I recently heard that there has been less criminality in an area of Uppsala, but the same people had moved to my area. The we Christians here must get together and pray.


Mother Else


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