Part 2

I started last time to write about spiritual warfare and how we can succeed. I underlined the importance of the Word of God in order to succeed. That is like a weapon that Jesus Himself used when He was tempted by the devil in the desert. He said: It is written! We should do the same.

When one enters a war, one needs to know the opponents very well. One needs to know how they think, what kind of weapons they use and how many they are. Do they know how to fight and if they have done that before, what was successful for them? What is their strength and what is their weaknesses? I would say that it is just as important to know your leaders and those that you should fight together with. What kind of weapons do you have and what is your own strength? If you have some weaknesses, exercise more to become better. Sometimes one should wait to enter the war in order to know that you most likely will win.

                                             Choose your fights.

In the spiritual war you have to know who God is,  Jesus and The Holy Spirit. You have to know that God is good and He wants all the best for you. You must also know that He is always with you if you are His child. Jesus said to His disciples that He would be with them always and we are His disciples. (Matthew 28:20) We really know then that if something negative comes against us, it is not from God. Some people think that God makes us sick in order for us to learn something. Where do you find that in the Bible? On the contrary, it says that Jesus carried our sicknesses and in His wounds we are healed. (Isaiah 53:4+5) I recently fell over some steel on the sidewalk. I had been doing some warfare before and closed some entrances for him. I am convinced that this was a counterattack. God was with me. I didn’t brake anything and I didn’t hurt my face nor loose any teeth, but it has been painful.

I wrote that we should choose our fights and know for sure that the Lord had sent us into the fight. If He has, He will be with us and He will take care of all the needs we have to win the war. Some people think that it is enough with one person to go against powers over cities and even countries. The Bible says that one takes thousand and two take ten thousand. One needs to know how strong the opponents are and how many are needed to win. I had recently a person in counselling saying that she had gone far outside of her mandate. Some people are using control instead of spiritual warfare. They pray against people even if Ephesians 6 says that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. I always say to couples in trouble that the other part is not the enemy, but the spirits that want to destroy their marriage.

           We have to stop fighting against people. 

Demonic powers exist both in Christians and non-believers and they are often the ones that hurt us or give us wrong information. Jesus once said to Peter: “Satan go behind Me” I have sometimes wanted to say the same. When I know that what is spoken is contradictory to the Word, I do not need to obey what is spoken. I do not believe in big discussions. The devil likes those and he will try to tempt us into such. It is possible to be friends with people even if we do not agree on everything. Jesus ate with tax-collectors and sinners even if He was without sin. He didn’t compromise with the truth, but He loved all people.

The devil is evil and only evil, but some Christians are tempted to use some of his methods for help. Yoga is one such thing. It should be good against stress. It might work like that for some people, but yoga has its root in Hinduism and one can’t call it gymnastic then. The name of each position is a name of a god and our God says that we should have no other gods.

Everybody talks about love these days. It is considered unlovable to talk about sin. In my Bible it say that God has created us a male and female and if you are against gay marriages, you will hear that you are radical and unlovable.

                      It is not love to go against the Word of God.

I will once again remind you that we are not against people. A lot of injustice as been done against homosexuals as well as against other people that are different that ourselves.

                             We love human beings, but hate the sin.

I have been writing a lot about the Word as a weapon against the devil, but what other weapons do we have? I know that I am not important for the devil as a human being, but I am dangerous for him if I know who I am in the Lord. We must therefore have a true identity. I am a child of Him who has created heaven and earth and all that is within it. I know who my Daddy in heaven is. He is almighty. Nothing is impossible for Him. God said to me many years ago that I shouldn’t minister to people before I knew that God was big and knew that I was on the victorious side.

I will continue to write on this once more.


Mother Else



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