Teaching 2021

LITT SURDEIG GJENNOMSYRER HELE DEIGEN. Del 2 Vanlig surdeig synes ikke med det blotte øyet, men vi ser kun resultatet. Deigen vokser og blir til brød eller annen gjærbakst. Jeg tror det er denne skjulte synden som Paulus snakker om, den som ikke synes, men som både Gud og djevelen ser. Det finnes dessverre kristne ledere som er gifte, men som har fått barn med andre kvinner og det har pågått over tid. Jeg vet om flere. Det kan til og med skje når en er ute og har store kristne ... (read more)


A LITTLE LEAVEN PERMEATES THE ENTIRE DOUGH. Part 2 No human being is perfect. Jesus was the only person who was without sin. That was the reason why He could become the perfect lamb that was slain for our redemption. Every born-again Christian has a perfect spirit. If Jesus should come back right now, we would go with Him even if we had some wounds and some spots in our soul. We read in Philippians 2:12 that we should work on our soul’s salvation. That’s a life-long process. You cannot see ... (read more)

A LITTLE LEAVEN PERMEATES THE ENTIRE DOUGH. Part 1 This text is taken from first Corinthians 5:6. The apostle Paul continues to say that we should purge out the old leaven so that we can become a new lump. In verse 9 he says that we should not keep company with sexually immoral people. He is making a distinction between those calling themselves Christians and those living in the world. Those in the world is judged by God, but we should not keep company with anyone named brother, who is sexually ... (read more)


WHO AND WHAT IS RULING MY THOUGHTS? Part 2   I will go deeper into the material from last time and will start with the family.What did your parents say about you when you were in the womb of your mother? They might have had plans for your appearance and what sex they wanted. They might even had dreams about your choice of vocation. Some parents want the children to complete the dreams they couldn´t do themselves. If the child was not planned, it might not be wanted, but abortion is not an ... (read more)

WHO AND WHAT IS RULING MY THOUGHTS? Part 1 “ My thoughts are my thoughts”, you might say, and that is true, but who has planted them into you? Some people are against Christian schools and one of their arguments is that they want the children to have a neutral education. They are afraid the children could become brainwashed. When I look at t upbringing of their own children, it is far away from neutral. I remember when I worked as a social-worker in the seventies, many of my colleagues had ... (read more)


WHY DO WE NEED CHRISTIAN COUNSELLING? Part 2 I wrote last time that my highest desire as a counsellor is to make people more like Jesus. Can’t every Christian do that? Every born-again Christian has Jesus living in their spirit and friends and fellow believers can help each other to get more like Jesus, but I would say that the person who is called for counselling,  has been equipped for the task. The Lord gives them spiritual gifts and equips them in different ways. When you are sick, you ... (read more)