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Part 1

This text is taken from first Corinthians 5:6. The apostle Paul continues to say that we should purge out the old leaven so that we can become a new lump. In verse 9 he says that we should not keep company with sexually immoral people. He is making a distinction between those calling themselves Christians and those living in the world. Those in the world is judged by God, but we should not keep company with anyone named brother, who is sexually immoral, covetous, idolater, reviler, a drunkard or an extortioner. We shouldn’t even eat with them. In verse 5:13 Paul says: “Put away from yourself the evil person.”

The thing I write about now is very sensitive and not easy. Not many are talking nor writing about these things any more. One doesn’t talk about anything connected with sin in these days. I think that it is important that we distinguish between those in the world and those belonging to the Body of Christ. We Christians are in the world, but not of the world. Sometimes we Christians are expecting the same moral standards from those in the world as it is written in the Bible. That is not realistic since they do not have the same divine spirit within them. It is tragic when Christians are choosing the standard of the world and not of the Word of God. I have had quite a few Christians in counselling that have had contacts with prostitutes, homosexuals as well as straight people. Many have been dependent on pornography, both pastors and other leaders. The good thing is that they want to get help. The Lord stands there to help them by delivering, cleansing and healing them. He is also there when they are tempted. Some of them need healing for a problem behind the immorality. The Lord is just and faithful so He forgives when the sin is confessed. (1.John 1:9) Many people need to forgive someone, but also oneself.

The problem is not those seeking for help, but those who deny and hide the sin. This doesn’t go for only sexual sins, but all sins. Just think of all the lying in our economy. In Acts 5 we read about two dying because they were lying. That was Ananias and Sapphira. I know of quite a few people standing in church on Sunday praising God with holy hands, but lye about their income on Monday so that they could get less taxes. They should thank God for not being dead. I wonder how long God will tolerate their sins or when people would dye during the services again.

I write that a little leaven permeates the entire dough. Today it is not a little leaven, but a lot of leaven permeating the churches. How can it be so much? One thing is that there is a lack of education. No one dares to say that homosexuality is sinful any more. One might be put in prison for saying that in Sweden. I seriously do not believe that homosexuals should be harassed or being treated in a bad way, but what the Bible call sin, I call sin. Today many Christians participate in Pride festivals. They are dancing together with people dressed like demons.

Other religions are creeping into the churches and one way is through yoga. It has its roots in Hinduism. One cannot say that is mere gymnastic. Every position is an adoration to a god or what I would say an idol. Some meditation has its roots in Buddhism.

I quite often hear that young people participating in the worship team live sexually with somebody. Quite a few Christian leaders have been unfaithful and many are watching pornography. This is leaven that needs to be exposed. It opens up for other demonic activity in the church.

Sin is like an open door for the devil.  

Many are thinking that God is punishing us when bad things are happening, but often it is we who have opened a door for the devil. He is only evil and only wants bad things for us. Ask the Lord if you yourself have opened the door for the devil or if it is a mere attack. It is not wrong to ask since we often are blind for our own things.

In the old days one could feel safe and do not think that we could be influenced by alcohol when one goes to church. That is not the case in all churches today. Some churches serve alcohol after a meeting or gather with beer or wine after the meeting. This is even more so in other countries. I do know that certain people have been harassed for not drinking alcohol. A former alcoholic cannot take communion in certain churches since they use wine with alcohol. The apostle Paul says that we should not eat nor drink that which leads others to fall. The food and the drinks might not be sinful, but it can lead others to sin.

Some people are living a double life. They might behave very holy at meetings, but treat his wife and children badly at home. I remember a family in India. The leading pastor wanted to eat with me alone in the dining room. His wife should eat in the kitchen. The children came to me and complained about their dad. He could beat both them and his wife. He was a well- known person, but I reported this case. I continue with this theme next time.


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