Some people talk about demonic attacks all the time and others think that they are martyrs when some people are against them. I have some thoughts that I want to share with you.

I first of all want to say that Christians are much more persecuted than both media and politicians want to admit. I live in Sweden and I am also familiar with things going on in Norway as well. At the other end we have to admit that Christians might act in a sinful or stupid way and this might lead them into difficulties. It is not an attack when this is revealed. It might even be that God wants this to come into light. What is brought into light, becomes light.

I want to write about countries where Christians are seriously persecuted for their faith. They might even end up in prison for their faith in Jesus. I knew Richard Wurmbrand while he was alive. He sat 14 years in prison in Romania before he came to Norway and later to USA. He came to Norway in the sixties. It was forbidden to practice Christianity openly in Russia and other countries belonging to the Soviet Union. Many died in prisons. The people coming out of the prisons alive could tell some horrible stories and show bad marks on their bodies caused by torture. This is still happening in many countries with dictatorship. Some countries do not want any religion at all. Other countries are ruled by other religions like Islam or extreme Hinduism. I am not saying that every Muslim persecutes a Christian, but extreme groups. The same goes for Hinduism. Does Christianity disappear in countries of attacks and persecution? No, on the contrary, it often increases. I heard a story told by an American missionary. He met a Christian brother from China asking him: “Have you had the privilege to be in prison for your faith in Jesus?” The American missionary answered no. “Then I will pray for you so that you can come in prison,” answered the Chinese brother. We are not quite used to these kinds of prayers here in our countries.

Many have died because of their faith and then we call them martyrs. I know that when Christian missionaries came to places for the first time, they might be killed and where they were cannibals, they might be eaten. This did not stop them to come again and again. They wanted to save people from an eternal death and bring the gospel of good news. I am full of admiration for these people that gave their lives for the eternal life of others. These people had a passion and a willingness to sacrifice and this is missing many places today. I personally know people that have smuggled Bibles into countries where Bibles have been forbidden. They knew that they could come in prison, but they loved the Word more dearly than their lives. In our countries in Scandinavia many Christians hardly read the Word every day. They do not understand that we can die without the Word. I taught my children to eat spiritual food just as often as we eat regular food. We should also eat a variety.

Christian midwives in Sweden lost their jobs when they refused to make abortion. They said that they could not kill babies, but they lost their jobs. That is persecution. Another teacher lost her job recently when she refused to cal a student hen. That is a sexless word. You are not allowed to say girl to a girl and boy to a boy in Sweden. I should fill out a form from another country the other day. It was: man, female and other. What is another? A pastor in Sweden came in prison because he read from the Bible that homosexuality is sinful. I am not against homosexuals, but we must have the freedom to read what the Bible says. Christian politicians join Pride parades in fear of losing votes. All of these examples show the serious persecution we have in Sweden.

Are pre-schools and schools neutral? No, in Sweden you find two kissing girls on big posters in pre-schools and Pride flags on the tables. My girls refused to attend certain sessions in Norway because it was against Christianity. The devil wants to start with the children.

Christians have been persecuted in Scandinavia for a long time.

For 25 years ago I worked in a place in Norway where they discussed if they should make a prayer room for Muslims. I got happy when they discussed about a prayer room. I said that I usually prayed at home, but that I from now on could pray at work during working hours. I pointed out that there should be no difference for me than for a Muslim. They did not make a prayer room. I am not against Muslims, but I want to be treated with the same respect as they are. When my children were in kindergarten, the teachers wanted to take away Christmas celebration. It could hurt children from other countries. I asked if the teachers thought that they would stop their religious traditions if they moved to a Muslim country? We kept our Christmas celebration.

Christians are often ridiculed when they want to live by Christian values. Some people were refused a diploma if they refused to participate in yoga. Patients have been treated badly when they have refused yoga and other alternative  treatments. The persecution leads to a compromise or to a stronger faith in God.

If you experience personal attacks from the devil, ask the Lord if there are some curses that should be broken or any open doors in your life. The devil is not so interested in you as a person, but in what you can do for the Lord.


Mother Else