Part 1

“ My thoughts are my thoughts”, you might say, and that is true, but who has planted them into you? Some people are against Christian schools and one of their arguments is that they want the children to have a neutral education. They are afraid the children could become brainwashed. When I look at t upbringing of their own children, it is far away from neutral. I remember when I worked as a social-worker in the seventies, many of my colleagues had huge hands, ready for fight, hanging on their office doors. They symbolized Karl Marx or other socialized leaders. My colleagues though that they were very neutral. I asked if I could hang a picture of Jesus on my door, but that was not accepted, and some started to question their own neutrality.

I do not believe that anybody is neutral. We are all influenced by someone or something.

I have visited schools in different countries and I can assure you that all children do not get the same teaching. The education is governed by politics and the culture of the country. It is not only a variation of the content, but how the information is shared. In India I saw children clued to the wall and beaten for things I could not understand was wrong. Some schools emphasize the importance of understanding the material while other memorize the material without much understanding. I am not primarily writing about school systems, but they are part of forming your way of thinking.

I do believe that your parents have formed the base for your thinking and acting. They have said things to you and about you from the very time when you were in your mother’s womb. Words are creative. We read in Proverbs 18:21 that the tongue has power over life and death. Words of life and death might both be planted in you. Most people that I have in counselling, tell me things that I detect as lies. It is either lies about themselves or others or even God. I might ask if what they believe is according to the Word of God. Many become insecure, but say: “My mother, my father or a teacher has said so.” My own mother scared me about sicknesses all the time and I actually got sick because I trusted my mother and took her words for truths. She was not an evil person, but her fear controlled her words and I got sick from believing them. She was also planting a negative self-image in me. How could it happen? By negative words. She was actually saying that my will was in her pocket and she was ruling the way I was thinking as a child. I have worked hard as an adult to change the lies with truth.

                  The lies are binding you, but the truth will set you free.

I have talked to people coming from Catholic countries. Some of them say that they were told in school that Jesus was angry at them and that’s why they had to go to His mother and ask her to make Him nice to them. I am not saying that this is the Catholic teaching, but these people got a wrong picture of Jesus. He is standing there with open arms and He is there to help and protect them. Many Protestant Christians have also portrayed God as a judge and they have made people afraid of coming to Jesus.

Do you believe that words disappear by themselves? If you do, you are wrong. The Holy Spirit has given me a lot of teaching about words. They are either planted on the inside of you or as a wavelength over you. It doesn’t matter if the words are positive or negative. Words are creative. We can go back to the beginning of creation. God created by saying. Some words have so much power over you that they have built a root system that needs to be uprooted. The devil is called the father of lies and he is therefore an expert in lying. He loves half truths because they create more confusion than pure lies. There are a lot of half truths in The Body of Christ. Some of them are dressed with religious terms.

When I was young, we would write that we are Christians if we applied for a room to rent or a job. By doing so we would say that we are honest. That is not the case today. I know quite a few pastors that are lying. You might not believe me, but that is the truth. Some of them would call it white lies and in certain countries it is more common than other places. You cannot trust Christians more than others any more. This has become a disappointment for new converts.

Many are trusting the information coming from newspapers or the news from other medias. I would really ask which newspaper and which channel? What is the source of the news. There are so many opposite news and so many theories of conspiracy. I find it difficult to know the real truth. I ask The Holy Spirit to help me in sorting out the information I get. The more I know the Word, the easier it is to detect the false news. I recently heard about a healing evangelist. He had seen some healings, but then He studied the life of Jesus more and more and He started to think more and more like Jesus. He would see a great increase in healings and signs and wonders then.



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