THE BODY, part 2

THE BODY. Part 2 I laid the foundation for who could call themselves members of the Body of Christ last time. One must have been born again. Christ is the head and we the members. John 15 describes Jesus as the true vine and God as the vinedresser. We are branches, meant to bear a lot of fruits. If we aren’t bearing any fruits, we are cut off the tree to die. The branch that bears fruit, is pruned that it might bear more fruits. I mentioned that we can do nothing unless we are in Christ. If a ... (read more)

THE BODY, Part 1

THE BODY! Part 1 I will not write about the physical body. I am not a doctor, but I will write about the Body of Christ and that can be compared with the physical body in many ways. I will start by referring to Ephesians 1:22-23. It is written: “And He(God) put all things under His(Jesus) feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all.” If you are born again which means that you have confessed your sins and received ... (read more)


WHO AND WHAT DOES OTHERS SEE IN ME? Part 2 I had a friend calling me yesterday. She was so excited and shocked. She had been with the Lord and shared Him in different places. When she was on her way home, she was happy and felt light. What shocked her was that a woman came running up to her and grabbed her and told her how much energy that came out of her. This other woman was a stranger to my friend, but she said that she had observed her before. This happened without saying a word. My friend ... (read more)


WHO AND WHAT DOES OTHERS SEE IN ME? Part 1 I have become very conscious about the fact that Jesus lives in me. He moved in the day that I received Him as my Lord and Savior. He gave me a totally new nature and I was borne again. I did not receive a new body nor a new soul, but my spirit got renewed and I can truly say that I am righteous and on my way to Heaven because of His blood. The apostle Paul says in two of his letters that we should walk by the Spirit. We should identify with God in us ... (read more)


A NEW AND EXCITING YEAR! I all the time get the word exciting when it comes to next year. I do not believe that it will be an easy year, but I do believe that it will be very exciting. I will not prophesy about wars, earthquakes or other catastrophes. I do not have any revelation about where and when these things will happen around the world and I do not want us to be mainly focused on all the negative things happening everywhere. I do not believe that we should be ignorant and close our eyes ... (read more)


THANK YOU, DEAR JESUS! I am writing so many Christmas letters to family and friends and letters and cards are sent to many countries in the world, but what about you Jesus? I do not think that I ever wrote to you Jesus, but it is high time to do so. I have only good things to thank you for and I must start by asking for forgiveness for the fact that I do not thank you enough. Forgive my ingratitude. Thank You Jesus for allowing me to be born into a family believing in you and in a country where ... (read more)


WHAT KIND OF EXPECTATIONS DO YOU HAVE?   In many countries we are now entering a time of advent. It is a time of preparation for Christmas, a time of expectations. I will also mention some expectations in general. I believe that we often get what we expect. That goes for both the negative and the positive. Expectations are somehow connected with faith. Sometimes we make a mistake and we get very surprised and happy about what we get and other times we get very disappointed. You might say: ... (read more)


WOMAN, RISE UP!   It is obvious that the Lord is in the process of restoring the Christian women and women in general. Some people are saying that Jesus can,t come back for His bride before the restoration of women. Quite a few congregations are dominated by men and the women are not allowed to come into their calling. I remember a time when I was preaching in India and I started jumping with only one leg. The Lord said that this was a symbol of those churches that primarily used men. The ... (read more)


DO NOT GET BURNT-OUT!   We use this expression when we have done too much and one is totally worn out. We might also say that somebody has hit the wall. This describes a situation when we really can’t do more. It’s enough. Does God want us to hit the wall? No, He has never given us yokes that are so heavy that we hit the wall. “But I have worked for a Christian organization or I have worked for my church”, some of you might say. That doesn’t convince me. You ... (read more)


HOW DO WE REACH THE GOAL?   What kind of goal? Many people are living without any specific purpose and may sing a song that is translated like this: “What happens, happens and I can’t say or do something about that. They have surrendered their lives to fate, but what is fate? It certainly isn’t God. They do not take responsibility over their own lives and do not know exactly where they are headed. Others live with a very strict program and there is no opening for ... (read more)