I was recently in a wedding and a man came to me and said that I had a strong anointing of the Lion of Judah in me. That must mean that I have an anointing of warriors in and over me. I was very encouraged since this man had never seen me before. I knew that it was the prophetic gift working in him.

Many are looking at Christians thinking that they can ravage them and I feel that we are partly persecuted and mocked in Sweden where I live today. We are refused to read certain passages from the Bible and we can no longer pray for certain problems. One might get in prison if one prays for a homosexual to get straight. Was Jesus a weak person allowing people to ravage Him? No, He wasn’t. We can red about all His conversations with the Scribes and the Pharisees and He answered them with authority many times. He revealed their thoughts and evil plans. He could see that their hearts were not clean. It was actually the religious people He criticized the most.

The Bible has several examples of Jesus conversing with women. One of the times was at the well in Samaria. She was very surprised that He being a Jew talked to her. Jews were not supposed to have anything to do with people in Samaria and especially not women. Jesus was friendly with her, but He told her that she had five men. He also offered her living water. This water would never make her thirsty again. She started to understand that she was talking to Jesus. He didn’t say that what she did was ok, but He offered her a better way.

Another woman was the women that was caught in adultery and they wanted to stone her. Jesus said that the person without sin could throw the first stone, but they all left one by one. Jesus said: “Neither do I condemn you, but go away and sin no more.” I really do not understand that it was the woman who should be punished and not the man. Jesus didn’t condemn her, but said that she should not sin any more. Sinning is not ok.

Jesus says that we live in this world, but we are not of this world. What is happening during these days is that the world more and more creeps into the churches and the congregations. It should be the opposite. Many churches accept living together instead of being married. Homosexual marriages become more and more common and many churches allow that today. In some churches they practice yoga and there are churches serving alcohol after the services. The word sin is talked about less and less. Maybe God was presented as a sincere God wanting to punish you in the old days and that was not ok, but today people play with sin. God is full of grace and He will forgive when we confess our sins, but He is calling sin for sin.

Do you remember the story about Jesus in the temple? He was very angry since they had made the temple to a den of robbers instead of a house of prayers. He was throwing the tables around and He was rather violent. Just think if somebody should come and start throwing the tables around. Maybe the police would have been called for help. This was not a blue-eyed, meek Jesus. No, Jesus rebelled against the wrong things. The same Jesus lives in us Christians.

They had prophets in The Old Testament. They stood up and spoke against authorities if that was necessary. The prophets were listening to what the Lord was saying and they conveyed that to the people. I think that we today lack prophets that dare to say: “ So sayeth the Lord.” Many are afraid of being rejected or becoming unpopular. They will rather keep to what is politically correct. Jesus didn’t do that and we are His followers. Think about the shepherd-boy David. He was fighting against the giant Goliath. It was dangerous in the natural, but David knew that he could trust in God and that He would back him up. The Lord is not only with us, but He lives within us.

When we Christians rise in the spirit of the Lion of Judah, we show authority and people will respect us. They might not always agree with us, but they will have respect for us. Our authority doesn’t depend on the volume of our voice, but on our security in the Lord. I have been in situations where I have not said a word, but people have started manifest with demons. The spirit-world is not invisible.

Jesus was also called a Lamb, a Lamb making no resistance when He was hung on a cross. We have to ask the Lord when we are supposed to act as the Lion of Judah or when we should act as a humble lamb. Many are driven by emotions, but they might cheat us. We are supposed to be driven by The Holy Spirit. I was recently driven by the Lord to buy flowers to some neighbors who were having a tough time. This time I shouldn’t say anything about Jesus, but just show love. Deeds can sometimes speak louder than words.

The Lamb and the Lion is the same person in Jesus. I know of a Christian organization called “Roaring Lamb”. When we think about a lion, we think about something that is dangerous and aggressive. Jesus became dangerous for the devil since He conquered him on the cross. (Colossians 2:15), but for us He is only good both when He acts as the Lion of Judah and when He became the Lamb being slaughtered for our sake.


Mother Else


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