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I once and awhile have to write as a counsellor and today is one of those times. Many are asking me if every person needs counselling and if every Christian has to go back to the past. My answer is both yes and no dependent on certain conditions. If you do not have anything bad in your inheritance, there is no need to get rid of anything in your inheritance, but I believe that many more should look into the history of their ancestors and they will discover certain traits that go from one generation to another generation that are not good. I heard about a congregation where all the members should write down the history of their forefathers. They should look for early deaths, sicknesses, poverty, alcoholism, drugs, incest or any kind of curses. 1.Peter 1:18 says that we can brake any kind of curses from our inheritance. Galatians 3:13 says that Jesus became a curse for us. Jesus gave us His authority and we can therefore brake any kind of curses over our lives and that of others when they do not want to have them. We can read in Deuteronomy, the 28th chapter about the curses and the blessings. All kind of sicknesses are in the category of curses. The Lord has blessed us and He wants us to live in and of blessings and not under curses. It says in Deuteronomy that curses often are caused by disobedience. It might have happened in some generations before. If you are the first person who received Christ as your Savior in your family, you bring blessings into your family. The devil is not very happy about that.

We are all formed when we are in the womb of our mother. Much more takes place there than we understand. I believe that we are a child to be from the moment we are conceived, and I cannot understand that people can kill a child. I recently heard a miracle-story. A child was dead in the womb of the mother. There was no sign of life and the doctors wanted the mother to get rid of the child. She refused and people prayed and today they have a baby eight months old, very healthy and active. God can make miracles.

In Isaiah 49:1 it says that he was called while he was in his mother’s womb. If a mother has an accident or is exposed to violence of any kind, this might harm the baby for life if God doesn’t intervene. I also know of people talking negatively about the child in the womb and we must not forget that words are creative. We must bless the child and talk God’s protection over the child. We can pray for a healthy child. Some mothers are singing for their children. The more secure the mother is, the more secure the child will become. I have heard about nervous children and it turns out that the mother was nervous when she cto the child, but her mental condition as well. Since the Bible is saying that we have life and death in our tongue, I recommend you to talk life-giving words to your child. God was creating by saying.

Since the mother continues to give nourishment to the child through breast-feeding, a very close bond is created between mother and child. That is very necessary and very positive when the child is small, but when I hear that grown-up men live at home with their mothers and use her money and her kindness, the relationship is unhealthy and should be broken.

We are very influenced by what happens in the womb of our mother, but the next five to six years are the most important outside of the stomach. Those years are making the foundation for the rest of our lives. Politicians know this and that’s why socialistic governments as well as other controlling leaders want to influence the children as early as possible. The devil wants to steal the children. Homosexuality is made to something very normal in the pre-schools in Sweden. You are not allowed to call a girl for a girl or a boy for a boy. They should be called “hen”. A child can choose to change genders without the permission of the parents. This is satanic according to my way of thinking. Christian parents must be careful and stay away from a neutral upbringing. The examples I mentioned is far from neutral. As a Christian parent you must allow your child to know Jesus. Help them to come to Him as a security in their lives and to build a personal relationship. Let them see that you love to read the Bible and read to them in a language they understand. In the beginning it might be through pictures.

I wrote about the bond between a child and the mother, but the father is just as important. I have prayed for many lacking a close relationship to God since they didn’t have a close relationship to their father. Subconsciously they compared their biological father with their Father in heaven. Some have had a father that acted like he was absent. Others have had daddies who didn’t care about them. A few have been misused by their fathers and they get nauseated when they hear the word daddy. Every child needs a daddy that can give them security and love, but some children have fathers that are drinking too much. A child needs confirmation and it is important that a father talks positively to his children. That goes for mothers as well. It is just as important to set a limitation when the child is doing something wrong, but it has to be done in love.

I will continue with this them next time, but until then: ALLOW THE LORD TO BE LORD OVER YOUR PAST, NOW AND YOUR FUTURE!

Mother Else



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