Part 2

Some people have difficulties to live here and now. They have a tendency to either live in the past or in the future. I do not believe that this is the way that God wants us to live. When the past bothers our everyday life, we have to ask God for wisdom. What is the reason and what can I do about it. We might be healed and delivered from whatever is binding us. When the Lord has revealed the cause of our problem, we must go back to where it started. I do not mean that we have to go back physically. The problem could have started in the womb of our mother, as a child, in the family or at school. I was encroached by my teacher. Others by students. When a wound is caused by other people, it is important that we forgive the person or persons. We might have to do it many times. We must forgive even if they are dead. It might be very hard if you have been hurt by your mother or father or someone very close. Ask the Lord to help you in the forgiving process. We might start the forgiving process in obedience to the Word, but one day you will discover that you can talk about the pain and it doesn’t hurt any more. That’s when you are healed.

Many children are experiencing divorce between the parents today. Way too many. They might even think that they are the reason for the divorce. It is therefore very important that the parents say to the children that this conflict has to do with the adults in the family. It is also very important that the parents protect the children from coming into a loyalty situation. Divorce is very common today, but that doesn’t mean that it hurts less. I often have to bring a person back to the feeling he or she had when the parents were quarreling or when they had an argument when the child should leave one to stay with the other. The child might feel fearful and insecure or guilty and not wanted. Jesus can enter the wounds and He can brake old lies. Remember that the devil is called the father of lies. Children might have a difficult time to know the difference between the truth and the lies.  Jesus can come with new truths and He can heal the old wounds.

Sickness can cause a problem in a family. It might be one of the children or one of the parents and the healthy person might feel thar he or she is not wanted since they do not get so much attention. It might even create a feeling of anger toward the sick person and that causes a feeling of guilt. The healthy child should get a chance to talk about his or her emotions.

In the school the clever child might be ignored. It might lack stimulation or encouragement to continue life.

If you have been exposed to sexual abuse as a child, you might get big problems in your marriage. They might be afraid of physical touch or even get guilty for having sex. Some unclean spirits might have entered the child, and they feel they have to practice unclean sex. A person who has been abused, might himself abuse others. I recently had a woman in counselling and she had been abused in another country as a child. I had to talk to the husband and explain her reactions to him and encourage him to be very gentle and loving. Is it possible to just forget? Most often it isn’t. One needs healing, maybe you might forgive the person or maybe you need deliverance. God can make miracles.

Many people have been exposed to negative words and if they have been repeated often enough, they might become as truths. Jesus has said that what is His is ours and we can use His authority as ours. I often brake words that have been spoken over me either by myself or by others. Every person has a wave of positive and negative words hanging over them. Words do not disappear by themselves. No, they stay forever for God or the devil to use. I ask angels to help me when I brake words spoken over people. They might function as blessings or curses. I believe that it is easier to change one’s behavior when the curses are broken even if I am the one to make decisions.

Psychologists might help us to work with a problem, but they cannot heal the wound. Only God can heal us and Jesus bore our pain and our sicknesses. God doesn’t say that it didn’t happen, but He can take away the pain and heal the wounds. He can also take away the guilt that the devil might have put on you. I recently prayed for a man who got blind after a stroke in the brain. When I said that it wasn’t his fault, he started crying. Sometimes The Spirit reminds us to confess sins, but even that is great since Jesus already has carried them for us on the cross.

When I am teaching about the past and spiritual warfare, I often start singing the song: “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look fully unto His wonderful face.” Why? Because I do not want us to emphasize the negative deeds and the works of the devil too much. It is Jesus giving us new power and His grace. He is the One who can help us. When we go back to the past, we should not live there, but we should take away the stones that hinder us to fully live as Jesus-persons.


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