Who is accusing us and why do we get accused? Are the accusations true or are they false and full of lies?

There is a difference between accusations and being corrected. Some people think that they are accused when they haven’t managed a task they should have. Parents are suppose to raise children. They should praise their child when he or she does something good, but they must also say something if the child is doing something wrong. That is correcting the child and it is not an accusation. If the correction is said in a way that makes the child feel very bad, I think that they have expressed themselves in a wrong way. If a child spills milk all over the table, it would be appropriate to say that you should put the glass on the table before you sit down. If you say that the child is stupid and never does anything right, it is a false accusation. Everybody does something good so this is a lie. If these kind of accusations are repeated under other circumstances, they might become like curses over the person. The child starts believing that he or she is stupid and their self-image might become low. That might hinder the child to do the things he or she should as an adult. Do you believe that words disappear by themselves? They do not do that. They stay in the atmosphere until you do something about them in the name of Jesus. The Bible says that we have life and death in our tongue. (Proverbs 18:21 and the 3rd chapter in James.

If people come to me and feel that I have hurt them, I sit down and talk with them. I try not to defend myself, but I listen. I find that most of the times it has been a misunderstanding. If I have expressed myself wrongly, I must ask for forgiveness. If the person comes with accusations, it is more difficult to keep calm and not to come with counter-attacks. I cry within me for God to help me.

I have sometimes been accused through prophesies. This has been done by Christian sister. One of them opened heaven through her worship, but she lacked discernment. She didn’t know what came from God and what came from the devil. Our borne again spirit is righteous, but Philippians 2:12 says that we should work on the salvation of our soul. If you think that all things come from God, you are in a dangerous water. Everything needs to be tested. One of these women spoke death over a person and he died. Another woman warned others about me without knowing me. Luckily the person being warned made an affair about it and since it was in a church, the pastor got involved. What did I do? I forgave the first woman and I restored a contact with her until it happened again. I wrote her a mail then and broke the friendship. I said why. I never talked negatively to others about her and when I coincidently met her, I hugged her, blessed her and left. This woman got sick and died and later I heard that she had talked bad about me. The second case ended up with a talk between this woman, the pastor and me. There wasn’t a real solution since she taught that it was the Lord talking to her. It is a lack of teaching about the gifts of the Spirit in the Body of Christ. Some people think they are called to be spiritual police, but some of these are having a Jesabel spirit. She threatened the prophet and practiced witchcraft. I never have any other way than to forgive and that might be done over and over again till the pain is gone.

I had a mother accusing me of things that I hadn’t done. That was very painful and I asked her to hit me when I was four years of age. That hurts less I said. I remind you again that we have life and death in the power of our tongue. Many are ignorant of what words might create both positively and negatively. I must say that my mother was mentally sick and not primarily evil, but as a child I was hurt. I didn’t learn the secret of forgiving before I was an adult. Matthew 6:14+15 says that if we do not forgive, God will not forgive us. I do not dare to come in that situation. Matthew 5:44 says that we should bless our enemies. We should actually bless those who curse us. I have done that and the Lord has to help me forgive and bless even with my emotions.

We read in Romans 12:19 that the revenge belongs to the Lord. Do you trust the Lord to be there for you and that He will protect you? Do we really know that God is just? When someone comes with false accusations, we are allowed to say that this is not true, but the revenge belongs to the Lord. I have several times seen how God restores a person after she or he has been treated unfairly. I am a mom and I become like a lioness when somebody goes against any of my children. Just think how God feels when any of His children are treated unfairly.

Many think that Jesus had blue eyes and was weak, but the Bible doesn’t say so. He is borne as a Jew and He was quite sharp against religious leaders. When the Prayer house was turned into a sale place, He turned the tables around and He was very angry. I do not believe that we should passively accept people to hurt us. Titus 2:15 says so. It says that we should not allow anybody to despise us. Other translations say that we should not allow anybody to step on us. When the accuser comes, Jesus is saying: “Let them go for I have paid the price. They are free.”

The devil is called the accuser and Jesus the Deliverer.


Mother Else


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