A lot of things might be aborted, but I will start writing about all the children that are aborted all over the world every day. Abortion is a huge political question, but in reality it is a spiritual, moral and legal issue.

I have seen programs on television where doctors have said that a child is not a child before it has come out of the womb of the mother. A woman cannot give birth to something that is dead and then it becomes alive. There are times when the child dies in the womb of the mother, but that is a tragedy. I watched another program om television where we could follow the development of the embryo from the conception to birth. One could see how the different parts started to grow till they were completed.

A child is a child from the time that the sperm cell get together with the egg of the mother. When I taught my four years old daughter how it happens, she answered: “Mother, that means that the man has life in him.” She had asked and I had asked God to help me to convey the truth to a child. Yes, the man has life in him and we women are receivers of that life. How can a doctor say that it isn’t a child? He is going against his own knowledge in order to make abortion right.

The entire world discusses about the right of a woman to rule over her own body, but who is defending the rights of the unborn children? Some organizations do and also individuals. Some of the protests in front of the clinics of abortion might be a little too violent in my opinion, but we must dare to say that abortion is killing a life with a future ahead of him or her. A hospital might today have a ward for premature children wall to wall with a clinic for abortion. This is crazy. The same hospital is spending a lot of money to save the premature children with almost the same age that is aborted in the other room. Some countries put a limit for how late they can take abortion. It doesn’t matter. It is to kill.

I can understand that some women come in a very difficult situation, especially in poor countries. Some countries lack contraceptive education. Some women have been raped or misused. We Christians should become better in helping women. They might need care both practically and emotionally. This should also become a political question.

Since many of us think that abortion is killing, I think that it is very wrong to force a midwife to kill a child. In Sweden they might lose their job if they are not willing to help during an abortion. Can you imagine a country that forces you to kill? Quiet a few countries do. I believe that the blood of all the aborted children is like a curse over the country. I do not believe that we take this seriously.

I know that many had an illegal abortion before and that could cause infections and death of the mother in the worst case. We should get a better education in use of contraceptives. Today they promote sex in young age, but how often is it said that it could make you pregnant?

Will God forgive a woman who has aborted her child? I have hade quite a few women in counselling and some of them have had an abortion. Most of them have done that before they were saved. God is not putting sin in categories. If you confess your sin, He is just and faithful and will forgive your sin (1.John 1:9) Some of the women I have talked to have a big problem to forgive themselves. We should not say that abortion is ok. It is killing a life to be, but when a mother is regretting, we should not keep on accusing her and come with more salt in her wounds. The grace of God is also there for her and we must convey that.

I once got a vision of many small children in heaven. These were aborted children. They are innocent.

The devil is an expert in aborting. He doesn’t only want to abort children. No, he wants to abort the calling that God has given to people. The Bible says that we were called in the womb of our mother and already there the devil starts his work. The devil will do everything he can to abort God’s plans for your life. He is using family curses and other weak points in your life. He will try to find the wrong partner for you and he loves to give you wrong friends, friends that will influence you in a negative way. The devil doesn’t want you to succeed. Many have started something that they couldn’t finish. Psalm 1:3 says that whatever we do, shall prosper. Hold on to the promises of God. When something goes wrong, we might get disappointed. That can make us angry and in the worst case we can become bitter and angry at God. If that happens to you, repent. Otherwise the devil will succeed.



Mother Else

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