I will not write about a drunken party. Nor will I go into a discussion about Christians refusing alcohol or not. The Bible is clear and says that we should not get drunk.

I refer to the miracle that Jesus did in the wedding in Cana. Jesus and his mother attended the wedding when the wine got finished. Jesus told the servants to fill the empty vats with water and then He made the water into wine. That wine was much better than the wine they had been served earlier. Many teetotallers do not like this story, but Jesus cared for the host of the wedding. The host was in despair since there was no more wine. I was praying last night and I got the words: The latter wine is better than the first. The Lord showed me that many of the negative things that had happened to me during my life-time came from another source.

When I am in counselling, I hear about a difficult childhood, bad inheritance, sickness or trauma. Some problems are the result of our own doings, but a lot stems from what others have said and done. What have happened, have happened, but the Lord can both heal and deliver people from the pain of the past. I have experienced that myself and also seen fantastic results in the lives of others.

The first wine served in the wedding in Cana, was made by men. It might have tasted ok, but could not be compared to the one Jesus made. It was common to serve the best wine first and the guests wondered why it didn’t happen this time. Most of our bad experiences come from my own source or a demonic one. I have earlier written about the different sources and I might mention them again.

I am thinking about Abraham and Sarah today. They had no children and Sarah was so upset that she asked her husband to go to her female servant Hagar. Maybe she could have a child through her. Hagar got pregnant and gave birth to a son, Ishmael. Sarah and Hagar started a quarrel and Hagar took her son with her into the desert. The Lord took care of Ishmael, but He had planned to give them another son. Sarah gave birth to Isaac when she was ninety and Abraham when he was 100. We might call this a miracle. Ismael was made by human-beings. Isaac was planned by God. Ishmael was the old wine and Isaac the new one. Sarah had become impatient and lacked faith and came with her own solutions. We can also do the same when we get impatient. We think that God needs some help and we come with our own solutions. We might also talk ourselves away from answers to our prayers. We must watch our tongue.

When we meet a problem, whom do we go to? Do we seek the Lord before we go to a lawyer, doctors or other advisors? I can assure you that the Lord knows everything. He has helped me with computers and installing lamps and furniture. What does this have to do with wine? It has to do with the source you are seeking. Jesus might perform miracles when it comes to our health or our economy. What He is doing is much better than what we are doing.

Religion can be compared to old wine. It can look piously, but it lacks power and life. Most of religious practice is built on human laws. Homemade soup. It has certain elements from the Bible, but it lacks love and power. I grew up with religion, but got baptized in the Holy Spirit when I was an adult. That changed me a lot. The Word of God got alive and Jesus became a reality. Christianity wasn’t any longer a theory, but alive. The Spirit made the Word and my life full of meaning. I wanted to drink more and more of this wine and I didn’t get sick of it. Religion had sometimes made me depressed, but this new wine made me happy.

Why do people drink alcohol? There are many reasons for that and some of them are very negative. In some countries it is very common to drink a glass of wine in connection with food. Others think of wine in connection with a party. Some people drink in order to get into a good mood while others drink to get away from sorrow and problems. This is usually increasing the problems instead of diminishing them. Too much alcohol has destroyed individuals, marriages and children and created many tragedies.

The Holy Spirit can be compared with the new wine. One cannot drink too much of it. One does not get drunk and do not wake up next day with a headache. We can always drink of that wine and it is free. I get very happy and pleased in my inner being when I have been to a meeting where The Holy Spirit has moved freely. I have heard Christians say to drug addicts: “I am on THS.” They get curious then and you can testify about Jesus and The Holy Spirit. He is our Helper.




Mother Else