If you have been a Christian for some time, you will recognize these words from the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples to pray, the prayer we call “Our Father”. We can read this in Matthew 6:7-14.

We cannot read a lot about heaven in the Bible, but it does say that there is no sin nor any sickness there. Satan was originally leading the praise and worship in heaven, but then he got jealous and he and one third of the angles were thrown out of heaven. There are no demons in heaven. When we die, we receive a new body. We can read that there are streets of gold in heaven and those who died, but came back from heaven, say that it is extremely beautiful there. I really do not think that we can fully imagine how it is there with our limited brain. ‘’

Can earth become like heaven? I do not think that the earth can be compared to heaven. As long as the devil exists here on earth and we have many people who do not believe in Jesus, sin, sickness and other problems will exist here on earth. Why should we pray this prayer then? I believe that we Christians are His disciples on earth today and we should draw as much as possible of heaven down on earth. We should be spreading His kingdom over as big an area as possible. We should convey the will of God to as many people as possible.

When we are saved, we receive a new nature. We receive the nature of God and our spirit receive His righteousness. We are made ready for heaven. I usually say:

 Pure and righteous, worthy for heaven.

Last time I wrote about the last commission from the Lord, but He has also asked us to do these things that I write about today. We are here to brake the power of darkness over this earth and to bring love and light into this world. I remember a pastor saying that that the devil never would dare to enter the street where he lived. He knew that he would be beaten then. If every Christian had that attitude, many streets would be free from sin, crime and accidents, but many of us are not taking our responsibility over our family and the area where we live.

The apostle Paul has a fight between going home to Christ or stay here on earth for the sake of others. I also think that heaven is a much better place to be, but I am needed on earth for the sake of others. Every one of us who have received Jesus has a light inside of us. That is obvious in the spirit world and I really want people to see that light in us as well.

                            Can people see Jesus in you and me?

I have a dream that people should stop me and ask me what I have that I can give to them. Maybe I have to come closer to Him myself before that can be a reality.

The Salvation Army is one of the organizations that is respected in society. Why? I believe that the main reason is that they help needy people. People are seeing their practical deeds. All of us can do something for others even if we do not belong to Salvation Army. We are actually all of us belonging to that army. James is writing that faith without works is like a dead faith. People need to see that you are serious if you say that you love somebody. It is easy to tell someone that Jesus loves them, but if you see that the person is freezing and is in lack of food and you turn your back to them, the words about the love of Christ have no meaning. Jesus says that whatever we do towards one of the least, we do towards Him.

    We are bringing the kingdom of God down to earth when we help others.

Deeds might sometimes speak louder than words, but we must not stop telling others about Jesus. One can start by sharing what He has done for me. We are not sharing a theory then, but something that we have experienced. I think that we should be led by The Holy Spirit when we testify about Jesus to others, but we are called to be witnesses.

In heaven there are no sins, sicknesses or demons. There are streets of gold and those that have been there say that the beauty is so great that it is difficult to express in words. The music is different and everything has another dimension. God wants us to bring God’s love to those we meet. He has called us to lay hands on the sick and not only Christians. He will let it rain over the righteous and unrighteous. We are also supposed to deliver people from demons. I only do that for Christians since I want them to keep their freedom. A non-believer doesn’t have the tools to withstand the devil when he wants to come back.

The world is in the hand of the devil, but we Christians should be spreading the kingdom of God in our own family, at our job, school and in our neighborhood. We are supposed to do that as single individuals as well as through the church. Together we have power to expand the kingdom of God here on earth. The world would be in total darkness without our presence.


Mother Else

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