Some of you might think that I am a little crazy now and you might really wonder what is hiding behind this title.

Jesus left this earth many, many years ago and we are waiting for Him to come back for His Bride. Jesus is now sitting beside His Father in Heaven. I have not seen Him, but He is revealing Himself especially for Muslims in order for them to believe in Him. Most people have never seen Him and many find it hard to believe in someone they haven’t seen. I hear quite often that people do not want to become Christians because of Christians they have met and seen. Non-believers are watching us carefully to see how we live. Are we pure and htruthful? Do we act according to the Word? We are supposed to be ambassadors from Heaven here on earth.

                   We are letters that non-believers are reading carefully.  

In the old days we Christians could advertise being Christians when we applied for a place to live. That should mean that you were trustworthy and that you didn’t have wild parties. That is unfortunately not a guarantee any longer. I know today both pastors and preachers that are lying and they do not live the life that they are preaching. Some are doing it consciously. Others do not think about what they are doing.

If we call ourselves Christians, we should be followers of Jesus Christ. How would Jesus have reacted in different situations in life? How do you behave as husband or wife? Are you grumpy when you wake up and talk to your partner with bad words or do you say how much you love her or him? Do you see the other members of your family or do you only think about yourself? Do you see their needs or do you only think about getting your own food in order to get out of the house as soon as possible? Do you start the day together with the One that you say you follow? My daughter and son-in-law were recently visiting me and when I came to the kitchen in the morning, I came in the middle of their morning devotion with reading the Word and praying. Lovely. Jesus was their first priority.

If you are working, do you come in time or do you come ten minutes too late every morning. If you are coming ten minutes late every morning, you are actually stealing from your boss. Are you friendly towards those you work together with? Do you treat them with respect? Do you work eagerly or do you escape as often as possible? If you do not like your work, do not let your colleagues suffer from your bad mood, but seek the Lord for guidance for another job.

How do you behave as a mother and a father towards your children? Do you show them how much you love them? Do you tell them? Some people have never heard that they are loved and that has a bad influence on their self-image. Jesus said: “Let the small children come to Me and do not stop them.” As Christians we should show our children how to spend time with Jesus and tell them about all the good things Jesus did and does. We should also take time to be with our children, do things together with them and listen to what they have to say.

What kind of Jesus-letter is the people in the store or in the woods reading when they meet you? Do they see a person who has their joy in the Lord or a person complaining about everything? I recently experienced that another customer paid a thing I had forgot to pay for. I discovered it and went back to the cashier, but the other person paid for it. I really wondered if the other person was a Christian since I thought it was a Christian act. I cannot carry too heavy things and one day a car stopped and the driver asked if he could help me. I again wondered if he was Christian.

  Do you want to be a person seeing the needs of others?

How do the others in church read you? Are you one that they can trust or are you one talking about the others in church? Gossip is sinful and in the Bible they write gossip together with other serious sins. I experience quite a lot of gossip and a lot of envy in my church. That is also a sin. If you hear anything about another person, keep it to yourself. I have counselling every day and I am very careful in keeping the oath of silence. That makes people secure. If you find it difficult to keep the secrets to yourself, take it to the Lord. Talk to Him about it and He is strong enough to handle it.

In the Bible we read that people will be saved when see how much we Christians love each other. Many are doing the opposite today. I recently heard a preacher saying that the dark will be so dark that it forces people to turn to the Light.



Mother Else

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