Christmas 2008

15th of December


This time I will write about two sentences taken from the gospel of Christmas. We can read in the second chapter of Luke that Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem to be registered. Mary was pregnant and the time of birth drew very close. She was going to give birth to Jesus, but they could not find any place where they could stay. They were finally taken to a stable.

Are you having a vision, dream or a call? We can many places in the Bible read: “you were called while you were in the womb of your mother.” God planted the seed in you. Others can testify and say that they got called as a child. Dreams and visions can come at any time in life, both in sleep and when you are awake. Do you know that the devil wants to abort that seed from the very moment it was planted? Thousands of children are aborted all over the world every year and many unborn preachers, presidents, lawyars, musicians and other valuable persons are not allowed to see the light of this world. This is an enormous tragedy and it grieves the Father and makes Him very sad and angry. The devil is just as interested in aborting your calling, visions and dreams. If you are not aware of that, you will not guard them. I have experienced this myself and could write a book about all his attempts to abort God’s calling on my life. He has come with sickness, tragical circumstances and resistance from leaders in high position. I have chosen Jesus to be my Lord. If not, I could have allowed the devil to abort Gods’ plans.

Have you been looking for a special birthplace? Maybe a big and known church, mayby in a big town. Maybe you will experience that there is no room for you there. Does this cause you to become bitter? Maybe at both God and people. Others want to give up. Please, do not do that. CONTINUE TO WALK WITH GOD! Mary was willing to give birth in a stable. The baby was so precious to her that she was willing to give birth to it at any cost. Is the “child” precious to you? Mary did not undestand the whole plan for salvation, but GOD HAD SPOKEN, and she OBEYED. Your call is not to save the whole world, but one or millions. Who will protect that call? YOU. Who shall give birth to God’s calling? YOU. What are you doing in order to protect it? You must first and foremost love the child and look at it as something very valuable. Your entire life must prepare for the birth. Do you need a special education? Do you need to move? Which church do you need to attend? Do you need to connect with others? You must first and foremost pray for the “child”.

When and where will the birth take place? Some of you will give birth in a nice hospital and will be well taken care of both during the pregnancy and afterwards, but that does not go for everybody and I am writing this especially for you. Maybe you have to start under very bad circumstances. Joseph was the only midwife for Jesus. I am sure that angels helped him. We can read about many missionaries who started their work under terrible conditions, but their calling were burning in their hearts and Jesus should be brought forth no matter what.

It was not easy for Mary to be pregnant with Jesus since she was not married, but she carried forth the child in spite of the shame. DO NOT FEAR EVEN IF YOUR CHURCH SAYS NO TO YOUR CALLING. THE PLANS OF GOD WILL SUCCEED AND YOU SHALL GIVE BIRTH TO THE CHILD EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO WRAP HIM IN A MANGER.

When Jesus was born, King Herod wanted to kill Jesus. He actually killed all the boys under two years of age. Joseph was warned by an angel and fled to Egypt. When King Herod was dead, they returned and lived in Nazareth.

Many Herods can also come in our way. The purpose is the same, to kill. It might be by sending temptations, sicknesses, accidents and bad rumours. The devil will most likely use the weak areas of our life, those areas that are not sanctified. When we serve God, we need to be sanctified, confess sins and forgive others.



This was sung by a multitude of angels. They came down to the sheperds that night when Jesus was born. The sheperds got afraid, but an angel said: “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring good tidings of great joy which will be to all people.” The birth of Jesus was indeed glad tidings and the angels understood the meaning of this. There are unfortunately a lot of people even to-day who do not understand this. Many might celebrate Christmas and might even have a manger with the child of Jesus in it, but they do not understand that He has come to save them and give them eternal life. Many talk about Jesus as something sweet and they become sentimental. Jesus is not sweet. He was born under difficult circumstances. He was supposed to be killed as a baby and was later killed on a Cross. He became the Saviour of the World. The Bible calls Him both the Lamb and the Lion. It is nothing sweet about Jesus, but something HUMBLE and STRONG.

The angels knew that Jesus was the Son of God, coming in a form of a human being and they wanted to honor Him. When the sheperds heard about Jesus, they also wanted to honor Him and they told about Him to others. We can learn from this and bring that into our Christmas. We can thank God for sending His only begotten Son and we can thank Jesus for His willingness. We can honor the King of Kings and worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

What did the sheperds do? They told everybody about Jesus. We are supposed to do the same. Have you had any experiences? Tell them to others. Tell others what you have seen and heard. I am sending a lot of letters and cards around the world at Christmas time. Quite a few of them are not saved or back-slidden. I can sow the Word and testify about the fact that the Word became alive. We are not only celebrating somthing that WAS, but IS. Jesus is alive to-day. He is sitting at the right hand of the Father and lives in millions of Christians around the world. The greatest desire of the Father is that more will receive Jesus as their Saviour. He wants everybody to hear about Him in order to receive Him. This would also make Jesus very happy. A “new little Jesus” would be the best gift you could give Him. It would make a joyful Christmas celebration in Heaven.

In does not make any difference where you celebrate Christmas or how as long as you remember WHY. IT IS A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR OUR LORD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

It is a great joy that Jesus was born. You are therefore allowed to enjoy good food and nice gifts. It is fully allowed to decorate and make it nice. I, myself, enjoy a Christmas tree and become like a child when we open the gifts. God has created us as human beings and He wants our soul to be well pleased.


Mother Else