Christmas 2008

15th of December “THERE WAS NO ROOM FOR THEM IN THE INN” This time I will write about two sentences taken from the gospel of Christmas. We can read in the second chapter of Luke that Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem to be registered. Mary was pregnant and the time of birth drew very close. She was going to give birth to Jesus, but they could not find any place where they could stay. They were finally taken to a stable. Are you having a vision, dream or a call? We can many places in ... (read more)

Trust in the Lord (Not in people)!

1st of December I tried to change the subject, but there was no flow in the Holy Spirit. I realized then that the Holy Spirit had more to say about this subject, but from another angle. I will start by quoting psalm 118 and the eight verse: “It is better to trust in the Lord Than to put confidence in man.” It referres to psalm 62 and the eight verse:”Trust in Him at all times you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.” I will insist on saying ... (read more)

Trust in Him!

15th of November I am writing this sermon for you as well as for myself. I am in a situation right now where I cannot rely on people, but only on HIM, MY SAVIOUR AND REDEEMER. I will feed us both with Bible-verses that can build our faith in Him. I had planned to start with psalm 37:5, but my eyes luckily fell on a couple of previous verses. There we read: “Trust in the Lord, and do good. Dwell in the land, and feed on His fatihfulness.” I am so glad that I saw this verse. We can ... (read more)

What are you looking for, part 2?

1st of November Part 2 Last time I asked if your search for a partner was more important than the Lord. I also came with questions concerning the Lord as your Provider and the Lord as your Healer, your doctor. There is a great longing for signs and wonders in the Body of Christ to-day. I am one of those who is longing for it. I want to see it daily. It is not wrong to seek signs and wonders and stand on the promises of God, but we must be well aware of the fact that it is the Lord who heals and ... (read more)

What are you looking for, part 1?

15th of October Part 1 I was earlier writing about our focus. These sermons belong together. It is a fact that WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR, WE GIVE OUR ATTENTION TO. Many men and women in all ages are seeking for a partner. I am not talking about a casual sex-partner, but about Christians who are looking for life-partners. Almost every single brings up the subject of their longing for a person to share their life with. They might talk about their sorrow and frustrations. A lot of bitterness might ... (read more)

Where do I have my focus, part 2?

Part 2 This time I want to focus on how we look at our fellow human beings. I recently listened to a sermon and the pastor got me thinking. This pastor worked a lot with homeless people and he told several stories, especially about his first meeting with them. He did not think:” Oh, they are so bad. How can they live like this?” He knew very well that the Spirit of the Lord lived in HIM and that Jesus loved THEM. He often experienced that God in him brought forth God’s ... (read more)

Where do I have my focus, part 1?

15th of September Part 1 I might as well have called it: “What kind of expectations do I have?” I will start by sharing a personal story with you. I live in Sweden. One day I went away for a few hours and I left my mobile at home. When I returned, I saw that a friend of mine had called on my mobile. It was both a missed call and a message that promted me to call her. She had never called my mobile before, only the regular phone. This was also at a time when she is usually at work. ... (read more)

How can we preserve our faith in Jesus during the year of 2008, part 3?

15th of February Part 3 Last time I emphasized how important it was to live by the promises and to have faith in the blessings. We must remind ourselves of what we do have and not all the things we think we lack. I also emphasized the importance of a daily LOVE-RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. He wants us to be close to Him and if we keep ourselves close to Him, He will keep close to us. (Jam.4:8) I also want us to read from John 15:9. It goes like this: “As the Father loved Me, I also have loved ... (read more)

How can we preserve our faith in Jesus during the year of 2008, part 2?

1st of February Part 2 I will start this time by reminding you of the most important points from last time. In order to be preserved in our faith, we have to RECEIVE JESUS AND ALL THE GIFTS HE WANTS TO GIVE US AND ALL THE THINGS HE WANTS TO DO FOR US. We must GIVE HIM ALL OUR BURDENS AND BELIEVE THAT HE LOVES US. HE IS FOR US AND NOT AGAINST US. Sin and pride can be hindrances. When we are born again, a unbiblical cord is risen straight up to the Father and we can have contact with God, Jesus ... (read more)

How can we preserve our faith in Jesus during the year of 2008, part 1?

15th of January Part 1 I wrote last time about the confessing of sin, the importance of forgiving and I warned againt growing a bitter root. I mentioned a few of the prophesies i had gotten myself and a few of those I had heard. More have come to me in the beginning of the year and they all go in the same direction. IT WILL BE TOUGHER TIMES IN THE WORLD AND THAT WILL INFLUENCE THE PEOPLE OF GOD. IT WILL NOT BE SO EASY TO BE A CHRISTIAN. THE OPPOSITION AGAINST US WILL INCREASE IN MANY PLACES. ... (read more)