What are you looking for, part 2?

1st of November

Part 2

Last time I asked if your search for a partner was more important than the Lord. I also came with questions concerning the Lord as your Provider and the Lord as your Healer, your doctor.

There is a great longing for signs and wonders in the Body of Christ to-day. I am one of those who is longing for it. I want to see it daily. It is not wrong to seek signs and wonders and stand on the promises of God, but we must be well aware of the fact that it is the Lord who heals and performs miracles. They must never be sought independant from the Healer. Sometimes it is very good to seek answers to questions as: Why do we have so few healings and so few miracles? Could it have something to do with us? Could it be sin that stands in the way? Maybe it could be lack of faith? (These signs should follow those who believe.) Maybe there are hindrances in the spiritual atmophere? Could it be lack of unity in the Body of Christ. Maybe I do not love God and the people I should minister to enough? These are only a few questions.

IF WE REALLY WANT SIGNS AND WONDERS, WE MUST BE WILLING TO ALLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT TO CLEANSE US AND SANCTIFY US. How often do you meet people who say that they are longing for cleansing and sanctification? Why should we be purified and sanctified? IN ORDER TO BE MORE LIKE JESUS. This is something we really should eagerly seek. We are living here on earth in order to bring the Kingdom of God down from Heaven through the second Adam, Jesus Christ. IN ORDER TO BE MORE LIKE JESUS WE MUST SEEK DELIVERANCE, HEALING AND SANCTIFICATION.

I am quite often watching Christian television and I am learning a lot. Some of my writing is inspired by what I have seen and heard on television. I watch different churches and they are emphasizing different things. I have been listening to good teaching the last evenings, but I have been surprised when I see the people in the pews. Many seem to be bored and some have fallen asleep. I do not mean those who close their eyes in order to concentrate better. The teaching was good and I wonder why they came to church. What are they looking for? I have been thinking of several things. I do believe that some came to be entertained. They wanted some good and funny stories, followed by a memorable experience. Others wanted a word of knowledge or a prophesy. “You, seated in the second row with a yellow shirt, you will become a great prophet and God has big plans for you.” This sounds good to the flesh. I get attention and I am made big. This is not the right attitude to have when you enter a meeting. There is only one who is great and that is the Lord Himself. If you came to the meeting to get attention, you might have some wounds that need healing instead of attention. The Lord says that we should look for ways to SERVE and not to be adored. Are you coming to a service to be praised or TO BE WITH THE LORD AND THE OTHER CHILDREN OF GOD?

I can also watch television and see people consumed by worship and thanksgiving. They do not think about the people around them. They are not seeking to feed their flesh, but to praise the Lord. Praise and worship are not meant to be done for you, but to focus on the Trinity of God. Some people seem to think that praise and worship are made to get goose pimples all over. We might get that as a bonus, but the real purpose is to thank Him Who has given us life, taken our sin and sickness and promised us blessings here on earth and an eternal life with Him.

Others are coming to the service or the meeting in order to get a spiritual kick. I have seen that more and more lately.Teaching is not important for them, but what they are feeling and experiences. Many listen with half an ear and they just wait for what will happen afterwards. I also long for manifestations, but that THE WORD should be manifested. Whatever is taught shall be manifested afterwards. If you talk about sanctification, you can expect people to get conscious of their sins and start confessing them. If you preach about healing, you can expect people to be healed. If you preach a salvation message, you can expect people to come to Jesus for salvation. IT IS THE WORD OF GOD THAT SHOULD BE MANIFESTED. THIS WE CAN SEEK AND EXPECT.

I do know that when the Holy Spirit comes with manifestations, there might be manifestations that we cannot explain. I have fallen under the Power and seen people fall when I pray for them. This is not necessary in order for The Word to be manifested. I have been to churches where it is fun to fall and those who do not are considered more or less apostate. Then they seek the falling in itself and the Bibel does not say anything about that as a sign of holiness. IF YOU SEEK HIM, YOU DO NOT THINK ABOUT FALLING OR NOT.

Othes are seeking laughter or shaking. That is quite normal to-day. WHEN YOU SEEK MANIFESTATIONS, YOU ARE QUITE OPEN. BOTH THE FLESH, THE DEVIL AND THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN BE MANIFESTED. I see this quite often. I pray a lot for the leaders in the Body of Christ.I pray that they will know how to test the spirits, that they should know the source of the spirit. The devil laughs at them and he manifests himself under the encouragment of leaders who think he is the Holy Spirit. When the devil is manifested, the person should be helped by deliverance in the name of Jesus. Some leaders seek manifestations in order for others to talk about them and say how strong and spiritual they are.

Others seek a certain atmosphere. They might use special music to create an atmosphere of softness and sometimes sentimentality. They are not seeking the Word nor do they want to be changed, but they love to be patted on their shoulder. They might leave the meeting gloriosly drunk, but not changed. When you ask them what was preached and what happened, they might not remember anything, but it was glorious. THEY SEEK AN EMOTIONAL SATISFACTION. I do believe that God wants everything good for us and much more than we have understood, but we do not attend a service in order to seek the gushingly sentimental nor to feed our unstable emotions. They are like an elevator, going up and going down. Some leaders create an atmosphere of crying and others bring you to a football match where you can scream and shout. Both things can be right as long as JESUS IS IN THE CENTRE. Jesus was both man and God and He can use everything that is in us. It says that everything that is in us should praise the Lord. When that is said I believe that God first and foremost talks from SPIRIT TO SPIRIT, FROM DEPTH TO DEPTH.

I will close by quoting Col.3:2

SET YOUR MIND ON THINGS ABOVE, NOT ON THINGS ON THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother Else