To wait and to expect

15th of December

This preaching will come out in the middle of Advent. Advent means that we are waiting for something or somebody. It is the time before the actual happening. When a woman is pregnant, she has to carry the child for nine months before the actual appearance of the baby. It takes nine months before the child is fully developed. If it comes earlier, the life of the child is in danger.

If a doctor practise medicine after one year of education, he can put the life of the patient in danger.

When we ask for something, we want an immediate answer. We do not see that we might not be ready for an immediate answer. There might be certain things that are not in place yet.


The great difference between the examples I have mentioned and the time of Advent, is that what we are waiting for, has already happened 2007 years ago. There might be some weeks difference, but what is that in this perspective. JESUS HAS COME. We are waiting for the celebration. The Jews are still waiting for Him and we Christians wait for His second coming, the day when Jesus come for His Bride. We must be sure that we have oil on the lamps.


Christmas is celebrated more or less over the whole globe. There are many kinds of traditions. What do we eat? At what time do we go to church? Do we share gifts and to whom do we give gifts? This time can be full of stress, but also lots of kindness. We become more giving and remember to encourage people, people that we might forget the rest of the year. There are millions and millions of people celebrating Christmas in different ways, but only a few remember the fact that this is the birthday of Jesus. HOW DO YOU PREPARE THE BIRTHDAY OF JESUS? WHAT WILL YOU GIVE HIM FOR HIS BIRTHDAY?

I remember one Christmas when my daughters were smaller. They found an envelop under the tree and it was written on the envelope: TO JESUS! I do not remember how we used the money, but Jesus says that whatever we do for one of the least, we do for Him. Maybe God reminds you to give to somebody in real need.

When the time is drawing close to Christmas or birthday, we might ask each other: What do you want for your birtday or Christmas? Children will often write a long list of wishes. All of the wishes are not realistic, but the children are bold and full of hope. HAVE YOU ASKED JESUS WHAT HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS? “I have never thought of that”, I can hear some of you say. I do not always think of it either, but this year I really will. When a child asks his or her parent, many answer: “Kind children.” I do not think Jesus wants kind children, but our unconditional love. He wants to be loved and He wants to spend time with us. He has invited us for a birtday party and later for a wedding party. Are you accepting the invitation? Nobody is excluded in this invitation. EVERONE IS WELCOME! First we must accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Jesus says to everybody: “COME!” THE GREATEST JOY WE CAN GIVE TO JESUS FOR CHRISTMAS IS TO RECEIVE HIM AS THE GIFT HE REALLY IS TO MANKIND. Have you ever given away a gift that was rejected? I have and was deeply wounded. Had to forgive, but it took some time. Millions and millions are throwing away the gifts that Jesus gives. MAYBE YOU SHOULD RECEIVE JESUS AS YOUR CHRISTMASGIFT THIS YEAR? That is the best gift that you can receive, but that is also the best gift that Jesus can get. Do not forget to ask Him what He especially desires from you this year. I believe that He wants all of you. Maybe He wants time with you. Maybe He wants you to trust Him. I can almost hear that some of you say that this is a stupid thought. “I cannot hear what He says”, you might say. Do you remember the second word of this sermon? EXPECTATION. Do you expect Jesus to answer you? Many do not have any expectations neither to Jesus nor to people. Others have only expectations towards themselves or to people.

We can look up psalm 37:4 and read: “Delight yourself in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. God and Jesus want to give us what our heart desires if our heart has the right attitude.

I have experienced something lately that I want to share with you. I have started to ask for positive surprises for myself and I have gotten some really good ones. It is exiting and I get a positive expectation. When you pray, expect an answer. HE WILL GIVE US WHAT OUR HEART DESIRES.

I also believe that God asks us: “What do you want for Christmas?” You might not want material things, but healing or salvation for your children. Maybe you want a break-through in your calling or a restoration in a relationship. ASK GOD FOR A CHRISTMAS GIFT.

Maybe God needs some time and the time might be to short for Christmas Eve, but the gift is on its way.

It is often difficult to wait. When we wait for the dentist, five minutes can seem to be very long. When our best friend is on his or her way, we can hardly wait. DO WE EXPECT SOMETHING BAD OR SOMETHING POSITIVE? Our expectations will often decide what happens with us. If you expect healing, you are preparing yourself for healing. If you say: “I always have an accident, nothing good can come my way”, you give words to the devil and your own words and your own attitude decide what will happen to you.

In James 1:17 we read: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” God will only give us what is good. We can expect good gifts and surprises. We have a saying: The one who is waiting for something good, is not waiting in vain.” When we wait for something good, can we take the time to wait.

Christmas is right around the corner and it is time to celebrate Him Who is the reason for the season. To celebrate is something joyful. I can sense that some of you are depressed and feel that Christmas is a time of loneliness. I want to share with you something that God said to me some days ago. It was in connection with councelling a person who looked for love from people. This person could do almost anything for a drop of love. God said: “WHY ARE YOU SEEKING DROPS OF LOVE, WHEN I CAN GIVE YOU AN OCEAN?


A BLESSED CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother Else