Under sermons: 2014

MARRIAGE Part 2 I refer to last teaching where I emphasized the preparation before the wedding, seeking help for one’s problems and making plans for a future together. One must go in the same direction and must have the same faith even if there should be points one disagrees with. This time I will keep to the marriage. Two individuals have come together with different history and maybe different backgrounds. Everyday life has started and I mentioned a couple of conflicts already in my last ... (read more)

MARRIAGE. Part 1 I have recently been asked to host seminars about marriage counselling and to counsel married couples. I just arrived from Ukraine where I had seminars about marriage and I counselled quite a few couples. Pastors from different churches saw this as a need for their churches. I always started by talking about the rucksack that each part carries with them into the marriage. This was like a teaching from my book where I clearly separate soul and spirit and where I describe how ... (read more)


WHAT HINDERS MY PRAYERS TO BE ANSWERED?   I am now touching on a subject where I myself do not have all the answers. I am bold enough to write, trusting God to help me and I believe you will have some questions answered, but not all of them. Some answers are obvious. I believe that most Christians understand that God do not answer prayers that are not prayed according to His will. I refer to James 4:3. It says that you do not receive because you pray amiss. It refers to worldly lust. The ... (read more)


A CHILD IS BORN AND A SON IS US GIVEN!     We are coming very close to the Christmas season now and that is a time for Christians to put Jesus in the center. I am so happy that you came to earth, Jesus and I am so happy that you left the glory in heaven with your Father and came down to us. I do not quite understand how you could change into a little seed entering the womb of Mary, but accept it as a miracle. I am also thankful to Mary for being willing to carry Jesus in her womb in ... (read more)