Sermons 2017


WOMAN, RISE UP!   It is obvious that the Lord is in the process of restoring the Christian women and women in general. Some people are saying that Jesus can,t come back for His bride before the restoration of women. Quite a few congregations are dominated by men and the women are not allowed to come into their calling. I remember a time when I was preaching in India and I started jumping with only one leg. The Lord said that this was a symbol of those churches that primarily used men. The ... (read more)


HOW DO WE REACH THE GOAL?   What kind of goal? Many people are living without any specific purpose and may sing a song that is translated like this: “What happens, happens and I can’t say or do something about that. They have surrendered their lives to fate, but what is fate? It certainly isn’t God. They do not take responsibility over their own lives and do not know exactly where they are headed. Others live with a very strict program and there is no opening for ... (read more)


DROP EVERYTHING.   I am sure that you are wondering what will be coming. Even I am not quite sure, but I do have an idea behind the title. I recently came in a situation where I had to drop all my plans. I all of a sudden got sick. There were many plans connected with the main plan. I was supposed to go both to Norway and Poland and I had several commitments in Norway. It was not too difficult to drop all the plans, but it led to the fact that the Lord started talking to me about the ... (read more)


GOD’S DIVERSITY!   The more I am travelling around the world, the more I get impressed by Gods creativity. One cannot really say that He is boring and lacks ideas. I believe in God as our Creator and I believe that He has created everything that is not made by man. I do not believe that you and I come from the monkey. I believe that we are created in God’s image. He is three and so are we. We are body, soul and spirit, but one human being. All human beings have certain similarities, ... (read more)


2017 IS YOUR YEAR!   I believe that you are curious about the meaning of this title. You should continue to read and you will know what I mean. I started to search on the net for words from well- known prophets. I wanted to see what they said about 2017. I do not quite know what I had expected, but I did discover that they emphasized different parts of the Bible. They didn’t contradict each other, but they had totally different head-lines. None of us need to doubt the fact that we live ... (read more)