It is obvious that the Lord is in the process of restoring the Christian women and women in general. Some people are saying that Jesus can,t come back for His bride before the restoration of women. Quite a few congregations are dominated by men and the women are not allowed to come into their calling. I remember a time when I was preaching in India and I started jumping with only one leg. The Lord said that this was a symbol of those churches that primarily used men. The other leg represented women and when I could use two legs, I could go forward in a totally different speed. The devil wants to postpone the coming of the Lord and he wants to kingdom of God to decrease or go forward in a slow speed.

Some women will protest when they read the head-title. “We cannot do anything about our situation,” they might say. They say that the theological view in the church forbid women to preach or teach from the pulpit or the pastor does not want you to use your gifts as a woman. I want to ask you: “What did the Lord ask you to do?”

The Word and the Lord are your highest authority.

You can,t come home to the Lord and when He ask you what you have done with your calling, you answer: ” I could not do anything since the pastor did not allow me and my church had another theological view.” I do not ask anybody to become rebellious, but ask The Holy Spirit to guide you to leaders that are open for what the Lord has called you to do. Sometimes one has to take a step in faith before all pieces have come into place. I did just that and the Lord has been with me all the time. Doors have been opened and I am free to practice the gifts of the Spirit and do His will today and doors have been closed. The new ones are better.

Do not trust human beings, but the Lord!

Many women are suppressed around the world. It might be caused by religious believes or social systems. We can see the Muslim women covering themselves in order to avoid tempting the men. There are countries where the women have no rights to vote and in other countries they are not allowed to drive a car. I have been to countries for vacation where women were not allowed to go out and the men came with food to feed them. There have been Christian men misunderstanding the apostle Paul and they have suppressed their wives. The Bible says that the man should be the head of the family, but it also says that he should be like Jesus. (Ephesians 5) Christ gave His life for His bride and the husband should love his wife as Christ loves us. I can easily subdue to a man like Jesus. He would treat me with love and respect. I do not want to subdue to one who mistreats me. Last summer somebody asked me if one could leave a husband who was violent. I asked God and I felt I got following answer. One should first and foremost confront the husband. Maybe she needs to bring somebody with her. If he is willing to receive medical and spiritual help, she should be willing to stay with him. If he doesn’t change, she should leave. She needs to protect herself and the children.

We must not forget that a woman is a child of God just as much as the man.

God is her Daddy and He loves His daughters. He does not want them to suffer. God has placed the women and the men together in Christ. We read in Galatians 3:28 that we are one in Christ. This is the reason why I dare to do what I do in ministry. When I minister to people, I cannot do that in my own power. The gifts of The Spirit have been given and I have nothing to boast about. When I pray for someone, minister, teach and preach, I am making myself totally dependent on The Holy Spirit. I have said before that I listen with four ears, two to the person in question and two to The Holy Spirit. In the kingdom of God, we subdue to Christ and I do not think so much about being a woman. That doesn’t mean that I sit with adult men alone. I do not want to give the devil any reason for spreading false rumors.

An unjust treatment of women was probably the reason for the feminist movement. Some countries are subduing the women more than others. In India many female children are being aborted. They have very little worth and there is a deep rejection of women in India. There are many Christians trying to change this attitude. In many countries there are a great difference between the wage that a woman receives and that of a man even for the same job. Some countries have started with allocations of job according to sex. The same goes for politics. There is a desire to get more female politicians and more female leaders. The feminists have done a lot of good, but some have become too militant and some are hateful towards men. We are supposed to reveal what is unjust, but there is no reason for hating men. It takes time to tear down old systems and ways of thinking, but it must be done.

There are countries today that are wiping out the identity of being male and female. They have made a neutral sex and in Sweden they teach small children that they can choose their sexes. Yes, I understand that you are shocked. God has created us to be a man and a woman and we should be proud of that. If I do not have my identity in being a woman, I cannot fully function as a woman. I naturally need to identify myself as a child of God as well.

It is important to talk about equality of status, but it is also important to talk about the differences between men and women. We are created with physical differences. Men have more muscles than women. The man is carrying the sperms and he is carrying the potential life of a new baby. She is made to receive. A man is usually more goal oriented than a woman, but a woman is usually having more than one thought in her head at the time. Some women might have heard: “Dear woman, can’t you come to the point.?”  The man is easily attracted to a woman by looks. If we all the time say that we are alike, misunderstandings might occur. We must respect the differences. When the Lord says that we should become one, it means that together we are complete. If you are not married, you are still a complete human being, but there might be certain areas that are not satisfied.

Many women feel inferior and rejected. I want to destroy that picture. That has been created by the devil. God has created the woman in His image. We women should be humble, but not shy believing that we are inferior. Ask God to make you see the truth and the truth will set you free.




Mother Else