The more I am travelling around the world, the more I get impressed by Gods creativity. One cannot really say that He is boring and lacks ideas. I believe in God as our Creator and I believe that He has created everything that is not made by man. I do not believe that you and I come from the monkey. I believe that we are created in God’s image. He is three and so are we. We are body, soul and spirit, but one human being. All human beings have certain similarities, but one can easily see if a person comes from Europe or Asia. How and when the differences came, I do not know much about, but I am fascinated about our different looks. I cannot always see which country an Asian comes from and I have insulted them sometimes. They see the difference. Sometimes it can also be difficult to see which country an African comes from, but they do. We have different colors of the skin, shapes and colors of the eyes, nose and mouth. Some countries have tall people. Others have mostly small people. I met quite a few Asian women in February and they looked like twenty even if they were around forty. I met a woman in Tobago. She looked like 45, but she was 65. Many of them looked young. In some countries women are considered old when they are around 50. Some of these differences are due to inheritance, climate and how their lives have been. I find this very exciting.

When it comes to plants and animals it is almost more exiting and the diversities are enormous. I do enjoy watching programs about nature, plants and animals. God becomes very big when I listen to detailed descriptions about their functions. Each and every one is created to live under different circumstances, even difficult ones. My youngest daughter loves to snorkel and she has had plenty of opportunities to do so lately. She loves to tell us what she has seen under the surface. She describes turtles, fishes in all sizes and forms. One was blue with wings and eyes in the back.

There are no limitations of God’s creativity.

I have another daughter who loves to photo small details in a plant and to enlarge a photo of an insect, for example a bumble bee. A bumble bee is too heavy to fly, but since he doesn’t know that, he flies. We have quite a few insects that I could be without. I want to believe that they came after the fall. This is my speculation and not based on facts. When that is said, I am still very impressed by the varieties. Some are crawling, others fly and some of them are stinging us, even with poison.

If you believe that the universe was created by a coincidence, I think you should go to plant life. Think of the varieties and diversities of plants. God told us to have dominion over them. We haven’t always taken care of God’s creation the way we should and we must ask for forgiveness for that, but that’s another preaching. When I travel to other countries, I see trees and flowers that could not have survived in Scandinavia. One doesn’t see so many spruce firs as here. In February I sat under a palm tree and drank milk from a coconut in Tobago. Outside our house grew bananas. At home in Sweden it was cold and snow.

Both animals and plants need to grow and develop in the right environment.

Human beings also need the right environment. There are millions of people who have grown up in wrong and insecure environments and they have become wounded and some for life. Eve and Adam were born into the Garden of Eden where everything was perfect. That was God’s original plan.

It is far from only the outward appearance that is different from person to person, animal to animal and from plant to plant, but also the inwardly. Every country has its distinctive stamps as well as individual ones.  Some things are dependent on inheritance and other things on environment. Some things are also dependent on sexes. We are not quite alike, only in Christ. (Galatians 3:28) We are just as valuable, but our differences make life exiting. We need each other and we complement each other.

How would the world be if everybody was alike? It would be extremely boring and it couldn’t exist. We are dependent on the differences, the different interests, qualities and professions. We need the farmer, the teacher, the doctor and the priest, the business man and the salesman and I could just continue to mention all the different professions. All pieces in a puzzle is just as important and each one of us is like a piece in a huge puzzle. Everybody doesn’t look upon themselves as important as they are and they are therefore not doing what they are created for. The puzzle is always lacking some pieces.

What is happening with you when you come to a botanical garden? I become very happy, peaceful and very impressed by God. One is overwhelmed with beauty and smells and I activate my senses. The Lord has created us with different senses and He wants us to enjoy everything good around us. The senses are also used to warn us of danger.

When I watch programs of nature, I am struck by all the small details that the Lord has thought about. The animals are created to be and to do what is good for them. They know which food that is good for them and where to find it. I am impressed when I see the birds coming from far off and looking up the same nest as last year or to build a new one. During the fall they fly extremely far to warmer countries. When they fly, they fly in a formation that save their energy. Alone they would not have managed. God has built this in them. Amazing!

Why do I write about these things? I want to show you that there must be a God who is our Creator and He has thought about every little detail. He has also created us with a B plan if something should go wrong. We must also remember that it is God who has created human beings and He has made them intelligent and made them available to make researches. Many people’s lives are saved today because of medical promotions. They would have died before. We are so easy to honor the scientists and forget the source behind them.

Some non- believers say that it must be boring to be a Christian and therefore they shun away from it. They have gotten a wrong picture of God and we have given them a wrong picture of Christians. I seriously do not know anybody more creative than God. He has made us creative and He encourages us to use our creative resources. I have sometimes read about people putting the mobile and the television aside for some time and they became very creative and had a fantastic time together.

We recently had a day for those with Down Syndrome. I do not think that God is sitting in heaven and planning for your child to have Down Syndrome, but He loves these children and we must have respect for everybody and embrace the diversity.


Mother Else