I just came back from Norway where I celebrated a wedding in the middle of the mountains. That is also the reason for writing a little later.

It was a wedding between a man and a woman and they had waited for a long time. They wanted to follow the biblical principles and they had no sex before the wedding. The bride could therefore wear a white gown, representing purity. There is a preparation for a wedding in heaven going on right now. Every person who has confessed their sins and accepted Jesus as their Savior is welcome to the wedding. Jesus is coming back for His bride. He wants to have a spotless bride. We will therefore be reminded to confess our sins and forgive people who have hurt us. Sometimes we have to forgive ourselves. An accuser might even be a demon binding up a lot of energy.

Why do we get married? This couple did not primarily get married to have sex. Many do. They had gotten to know each other well and got to love each other more and more. They believed that God was the one to get them together. They will continue to seek God for further guidance and ask Him how they can be a blessing for others. It was already now an encouragement for single men in the church of the bridegroom.

The bridegroom is extremely kind and he wanted to pay for the expenses for the guests. Every guest got a present when they arrived.

The couple love the mountains and that’s why they chose to get married in the mountains. The nature became a beautiful frame and reminded us of how God has created nature.

The bride chose to have a bridesmaid going in front of her up the isle in the chapel, throwing flowers and representing The Holy Spirit leading her to her husband. The 8 years old girl did that very well.

Our Bridegroom is also ready to receive us when we are caught up to the wedding. The wedding I attended was planned in every detail and I believe that the wedding in heaven will be the same. It is written that Jesus has prepared a place for us. Can you imagine how beautiful it will be and how exiting?

I was on a mission trip to another country some years back. Many got saved on that trip. People were running forward to receive Jesus. I got an inner picture then. I saw many empty rooms, but now every room was filled with a person. I got so moved and I cried out of joy.

When I saw the love that this couple had for each other, I started to wonder if we have the same love for our bridegroom. Our Bridegroom has given his life for you and me. He has washed away our sins with His own blood. He has bought us free from any kind of punishment that we should have gotten. Jesus has also taken every sickness on Himself and made it possible for us to be free of sicknesses. (In His wounds, we are healed, Isaiha 53:5) I will not write about reasons for another reality. Do we understand what our Bridegroom has done? No, I do not think so. We would be much more thankful then. I can go to myself. I am not there I should be. Jesus becomes too abstract sometimes. I do know that I love Him and couldn’t live without Him.

I saw the love of the bride and the love of the bridegroom in this wedding. Do you know that our Bridegroom loves us more than any other being can do. He loves us with an unconditional love. He has promised to be with us every day and He doesn’t leave us unless we leave Him. He is watching over us. I believe that we get protected from many dangers and accidents without knowing it.

This wedding in the mountains was full of joy and I could sense some of the deep joy and love that God has for all of His children. Many believe that it is boring to become a Christian, but they have not tasted that God is good and He wants the best for His children.

It wasn’t so much dancing in this wedding, but when we had worshipped the Lord, the dancing started. It was even some reunion among a couple of people. Do you remember king David? He danced so much for the Lord that his wife got embarrassed. Maybe she was jealous and thought God got too much attention. I really believe that God loves dancing, but not the sexy ones.

Are you thinking of the return of Jesus? I am. I believe that He comes soon without knowing what soon means. I want to bring with me as many as possible to the wedding. There are no restrictions because of a pandemic there. Everybody who has made Jesus to their Lord and Savior is welcome.



Mother Else