Part 1

Many of you will automatically answer Jesus. That’s fine, but I do not believe that everybody is honest. Jesus will have to share that place with many others and many other things. I do not believe that you quite understand what lordship really means. If Jesus is Lord, it is Jesus that makes the decisions. You have placed your own will under His then. You are then living in this prayer: “Lord, not my will, but Thine.”

The Lord spoke to me at the end of 2019 and He said that if I only did what He told me to do, I would succeed. Jesus was saying that He only did what the Father told Him to do. Some things we do automatically. We know that we have to get out of the bed every morning. We get dressed, eat food and go to the toilet. Some of these things we do almost without thinking, but when we do these things, we still have to make some choices. How much time should I give God and myself in the morning? That will decide when to get up. What kind of clothes should I wear? It might depend on the weather or the code of dressing at my working place. I do not want to dress in an indecent way. What should I eat? It should be tasty and healthy.

What is the first thing I think of when I get up in the morning? Some people grab the mobile right away. The mobile has become number one in many people’s lives. If you can’t put the mobile aside, you cannot say that Jesus is the Lord of your life. Young people use an average of 10 hours with the mobile a day. Quite a few only talk with each other through the mobile. We can even see that people talk with each other using the mobile at restaurants. I have been to prayer-meetings where the meeting was interrupted when the pastor answered a call and talked in the mobile. When this happened several times, I made a little drama. I played talking to God, but then the telephone rang and I said to God: “Excuse me, I have to talk to you later, but now I want to talk to another more important than you.” That made a stop to the interruptions.

Do not allow the mobile to be your lord during 2020!

I have seen families where the parents were controlled by their children. That can start already from the time when the child is a baby. The baby doesn’t want to stay in the bed or the baby carriage and starts crying. The mother picks up the baby right away and sometimes this might last the entire night. She gets exhausted from lack of sleep and she gets back problems. It is not so easy to know why a baby cries, but I do believe that even a baby should have routines. He or she should sleep in the same place and at the same time. Singing can create a peaceful atmosphere so I encourage you to sing for the baby. When the child gets older and understands words, be clear in your communication and prepare the child for bed. You might sit there for a short time and either sing or pray. If the child starts crying when you leave, do not pick it up right away. If the child wants some lights on, put it on, but focus on the fact that now it is time for sleeping. You might ask them to count to fifty or hundred and say that you come back then. Children are experts in testing our boundaries. Be sure that you have made concrete and clear boundaries. Many parents are afraid of rejection and they are controlled by fear instead of the Lord. Children learn very early how to get their will and they use any available weapon. The danger is that the children can get used to control the rest of their lives.

Allow Jesus to be Lord in your family. Open up for His love and that would help all of you to focus on Him and each other.

We have all heard bad stories about bad mothers-in-law. It is said that she wants to control her son and her daughter-in-law, but everybody isn’t like that. If a man allows his mother to rule his family, he doesn’t have Jesus as his Lord and Master. The Bible says that he should leave his mother and father and stay with his wife. He should be the head of the family and He should protect his family.

I know that there are men and women that are not good in respecting the other partner. If Jesus is Lord, one reads the Bible and pray together. One must not forget to talk to each other either. One must be willing to do something for the other part without deleting your own will. The Lord wants you to communicate by listening to each other. I believe that those who seek the Lord together, will most likely stay together.

I often meet people with fear in different situations. It might be fear for going to a party, meet new people or for being alone. Some people look upon the fear as an enemy while other allow themselves to be ruled by it. The fear becomes the lord of your life then. Just think of all the things Jesus wants you to do, but you can’t because of fear. Maybe He wants you to share a testimony, but you do not dare. Another time He wants you to tell a stranger about Jesus, but you do not dare. The fear can have many names and faces, but it should not be your master.

I am saying the same as I have said before: Everything that is more important than Jesus, is an idol.


Mother Else