Part 2

I do not believe that Jesus is Lord in all areas of our lives. We would be perfect then and I do not believe that will happen before we are in Heaven. Our spirit is born again and we have received a new nature. 2.Corinthians 5:17 is saying that we are new creatures. The old has passed away, but we do have a soul and a body that can harbor wounds and even demons. We are also fighting our flesh that stands against our new- born spirit.

Who is your Lord when you get up in the morning? Do you start your day with Jesus and the Word? I can hear that some of you are saying: “He lives inside of me and therefore He is with me all the time. Isn’t that enough?” Yes, He does, but do you start the day acting as He is the Lord of you and your day? Do you show love to those around you or do you run and scream to everybody because you are in a hurry?

I mentioned last time that many avoided to have Jesus as Lord and Master over their mobile. I have experienced that even pastors brake a prayer-meeting by answering the calling.

I did mention that Jesus isn’t Lord over every Christian family. It might be that the children run the family or only one of the parents. Maybe it is television, activities or hobbies. How much space do you give to Jesus during your day? Are you asking Him what you should do or participate in? I am not saying that you need a prayer-meeting in order to go shopping, but even then it is good to be guided by The Holy Spirit. I have listened to many testifying about a fantastic sheep price for an item they really wanted. Others say that they were guided to the right affair. Jesus cares for the details of our life and He wants the best for us. It is never dangerous to have Him as Lord.

If Jesus is Lord in your family, I think that He wants to spend time with you individually as well as with you as a family. I know a father who takes the spiritual responsibility for his children. He teaches them daily from the Bible and He does it according to their age. I believe that a couple who pray together, stay together, at least much longer than others. When you have devotions for small children, do not make it too long, but teach them also to worship and pray. What do you do when you meet some difficulties? We were always seeking the Lord for help. My children have continued to do so as adults. Where do you go when you have experienced something positive? We should actually be thankful under all circumstances. He is really worthy all our praise.

Who is the Lord over your time? I only want to do the things that the Lord asks me to do. I know that it is necessary to work or maybe to study, but I know of people that are working all the time and they seem to be driven by another spirit. Pastors and leaders of a church can also be driven by a wrong spirit. If you do not make the time alone with God as an important time or lack time with your wife or children, you have not made Jesus to be your Lord and Master over your time.

The Bible says that we shouldn’t serve two masters. It is nothing wrong with money, but you do not live for money nor should you have a wrong love for it. Love for money might lead to too much work, corruption or dishonesty. This is just to mention some of the dangers. Acts 5 is mentioning Ananias and Sapphira. They gave money to the church, but they lied about the amount. They both died during the service. I know of many Christians that have lied when it came to money affairs. What would happen if the Holy Spirit would come in a stronger way during our services?

                              Is Jesus Lord over your economy?

God has told us to manage the earth. We have not done that in a right way and so much have been destroyed because of our mismanagement. Think of the Garden of Eden. Everything was perfect because it was before the fall of Man.

God has given us a body. Is Jesus the Lord of our bodies? Do we ask Him for guidance about food and exercises? We have eyes, ears and a mouth. Does God determine what we see and listen to? Many Christian men are watching pornography. Jesus isn’t the Lord over that area in their lives then. Others are having sex outside the frame of marriage. Jesus isn’t the Lord over their sex-life then. The Bible says that we have life and death in our tongue. Is Jesus Lord over our tongue? Some Christians like to talk negatively about others. Maybe they think that they are better. This is called gossip and classifies as sin. If we lie, we are sinning.

Is Jesus the Lord over your relations? Jesus says that we should keep peace with everybody as far as it is possible. We are even supposed to bless our enemies. We are supposed to forgive people, but we do not need to have a close relationship to those who hurt us. Ask the Lord to guide you to the right friends and to those you should spend time with. This guidance is extremely important when you should choose your wife or husband. You must be sure that he or she is saved.


Mother Else