Part 1

There are countries where they give birth to too many children and in other countries to too few. In many Muslim countries they give birth to many children. I do not believe that the reason is lack of education about contraception. One of the reasons is that they want to rule over the world.

In the Body of Christ we lack new-born babies as well as mothers and fathers. This is the real theme for today.

We Christians are crying for revival and we have done that for a long time. I have attended many prayer meetings where we have cried for revival. That means that we want many, many to become Christians. When I think of revival, I think of masses of new-born babies in the Body of Christ. It could happen in different ways. I have read about revivals where people fell on their knees in desperation over their sins. They might not have any speakers, but The Holy Spirit convinced them of their sins. Other revivals are arranged as meetings with signs and wonders. The Holy Spirit has sometimes come over workings places and they have cried out to God and there has been a real change in the society.

We know that when a family receives a baby, there will be great changes for the mother and father. More children, more work. The same goes for the Body of Christ. Be careful when you pray for revival. Are you prepared to receive the new-born babies?

When a baby is born, you do not put the baby out on the street. I know people that have been found on the street, but that is not the normal. The norm is that a new-born baby is taken well care of. The baby is touched with loving hands when it is washed and diapers are changed. They are nursed or given milk from a bottle. When they cry, somebody comes and picks up the baby and cuddle it. The new-born babies are treated as helpless creatures with a lot of love and care.

What are you doing with a person you pray the prayer of salvation with? I do believe it makes a difference where it happens. If you do it on the street, you should give some spiritual food as the Bible or some teaching material. You should also make an appointment to meet the person again or to another contact person or a church in the area where the person lives. It is always good if you yourself contact the person after a few days. I once asked an Indian leader what he did with the new-born Christians. “We are turning them over to The Holy Spirit. We do nothing else.” I wanted to say that he never would treat his own children the same way. They had been taken well care of.

The Holy Spirit is fantastic. He is our Helper, but He is dependent on us to get the job done.

I have been to different kind of churches during my life- time and I have seen different ways of follow-up of the newly saved. It depends on the size, culture and the sort of congregation. In some churches they have appointed some members to watch when people are invited to receive Jesus. They go to the people that are raising their hand as a response to the invitation. They pray with the person, give some Christian material, gets their address and telephone number and maybe gives their own. Some churches call the person within 24 hours. If the church has smaller groups, the person might be introduced to the leader of such a group close to their home. That person is taking over the responsibility of the new-born baby. Some churches are having alpha groups. They are open for people that are curious about Christian faith and many get saved after such courses. If you want to get baptized, your church might require some teachings first. Some baptize you right after you are saved on the street.

To get baptized is a natural result after receiving Jesus.

When one is newly saved, one might have a lot of questions and there should be a mother or father that could give some answer to the questions. It should be allowed to ask about everything. It isn’t always easy to understand the Bible and we should start by giving some milk. The apostle Paul says in the letter to the Galatians that they had been Christians so long and they should be able to chew spiritual meat, but could only drink milk.

The spiritual walk and growth can often be compared with the physical development of a child to adult.

A baby has somebody watching them all the time. One cannot watch a new-born person the same way, but I think that they should be prayed for regularly. They should be surrounded with love, care and prayers. Do you think that the enemy will let them go so easily? The spiritual war starts for some people after they are saved. They might be too new and weak to understand what is going on.

Our most important decision is to receive Jesus as our Savior, but we should prepare people for the spiritual resistance.


Mother Else