I cannot decide that is some of you saying. You are partly right. There are certain things in this world that we have no control over. This world is under the dominion of the devil and that has been a fact since the fall of man. Jesus came to restore what the devil had destroyed. He opened a way for us straight to the Father. He carried our sins and sicknesses and won a victory over the devil. “No, you are lying now,” some of you might say. “We are getting sick and people are sinning all the time. The world is getting worse. We see quarreling and wars, immorality and crimes. Certain areas are lawless. You cannot say that there is a victory over the devil.” I do think that these things are difficult. I accept the Word of God, but I am not blind.

A lot of problems stem from the fact that God has given us a free will. God will never force anybody to do anything against their own will. He and His Word are there for choosing. Way too many have not understood the fantastic offer Christ has given them. We can receive Jesus as our sacrifice for our sins and accept that Jesus has bore our sicknesses on the Cross. We can also use the authority of Jesus by using His name. The devil is not afraid of you and me, but he knows that Jesus won a victory over him on the Cross. The Bible says that we should resist the devil and we can do so by using the name of Jesus. Are we practicing that?

The Bible is full of prophesies and some of them will come to pass during the year to come. Other things are dependent on us, our prayers and our decisions. In 1. Timothy 2 we read that we should pray for all people, but first for kings and those in ruling positions. The result will be the fact that we would live a peaceful life with dignity and people would fear God. A lot would look different in our nations if we Christians had prayed more for those in high positions. I am very sorry when different prayer movements are arguing instead of uniting in prayers. The Bible also says that we do not receive because we do not pray in a right way. I have attended many prayer meetings where there was no unity. Some people are crying to God and others are shooting arrows at the devil without knowing the target. The devil is very satisfied with chaotic prayer meetings. He knows that those meetings will have no positive results.

I attend different prayer groups and these are not so big and we are in unity. We talk about the prayer requests before we start praying. We might cry out to God for help, but we can also take authority over the evil one. We have a person getting some information about the satanic plans of the devil before the public knows. We have managed to stop certain schemes before it has become a reality. We believe that we have influence.

I have so far focused on your nation and the leaders, but now I want to write a little about you and your family. Are you satisfied with 2019? What would you like to change during 2020? Some of you have dreams, but you think that they cannot come to pass. You might mention thousands of reasons for that. If your dreams are way outside the will of God, you have a good reason for denying them to come to pass, but if your dreams are withing the framework of the Bible, you should make an effort to make them alive.

 Ask God to give you dreams that can come through during 2020.

What is required of you to make a change? Many people are living a life of routines. They live in the same place, get up at the same time, take the same bus every morning and stay in the same job for decades. The children grow, but the parents expect them to come along to the same place for vacation every year. You read one chapter of the Bible every day and spend ten minutes for praying. You go to the same church and meet with the same people for years. You never prayed the prayer of salvation with anybody, but you are longing for a church where you could see the power of God in action.

Jesus cried out on the Cross; “It is finished.” He has made everything ready. He cannot do anything more. Jesus has taken our sins and our sicknesses. ( Isaiah 53:4+5) Now it is up to us to receive what He has already given us or make changes in our lives so what He has done becomes a reality in our lives.

If you want changes in your life during 2020, you might have to brake with old routines. Ask the Lord what you should do. Do you have sins in your life that should be stopped? Maybe you haven’t forgiven everybody. Do you need to seek the Lord in a different and more passionate way? Are you supposed to change church where signs and wonders are more common and where God’s faith is practiced in a practical way? Are you going to practice the Word of God more during 2020? Think of Mark 16 where you read that the believer should drive out evil spirits, lay hands on the sick and then be recovered. Maybe the Lord is longing for more time with you? Maybe your partner and children want more time with you?



Mother Else