Part 1

I do write primarily to Christians, but some of this can also be applied to others as well. I have recently been to a youth meeting and some of them were on the floor confessing sins. They were crying and it was a true repentance. Did I ask them to do this? No, I had just been talking about some difficult things. I had mentioned what is happening through an intercourse. It isn’t only a physical act, but the Bible says that the two become one and they receive things from each other. You do not automatically become a Muslim if you had intercourse with one, but you can receive certain spirits or be defiled. You do not become a witch if there are occult spirits in your partner, but you could be defiled. It is therefore important to brake the bonds between you and ask for cleansing and deliverance.

Many Christians men are watching pornography. They might do it in secret thinking that nobody sees them. I have counselled quite a few and many say that they had been shown these things already as children. It was therefore easy to become dependent. I heard that some pastors confessed this at a pastors-meeting and it lost its power as soon as it was exposed. I have talked to some wives feeling betrayed when her husband got satisfaction from somebody else than her.

Some people, especially women might fall in love with a man with drug problems or other problems and they think that they can help the person by marrying them. That is not the truth. Many of these marriages end up in a divorce since the partner can become violent or act inappropriate.

None of us can save another person. Only Jesus can.

I recommend every Christian to marry one with the same faith and to marry one who is fairly mentally stable. They should also talk about their callings. If you are called to be a missionary, you cannot marry one who does not want to move away from the place he or she is born. I also recommend you to get rid of as many problems as possible before you enter marriage. None of us is perfect. Do not look at your husband or wife to be your savior.

Ask the Lord if this is the partner you should have for the rest of your life.

Emotions can lie and it is therefore important that we bring God into such important decisions.

In counselling I meet people with a deep need to tell about their sexual experiences. I must be open to allow them to talk about things they might feel ashamed of. After confessing, they can be cleansed, healed and free.

Another theme that one avoids is to talk about death. I stayed with my sister through a long period of a serious sickness and I did talk to her about dying. She was a believer, but she had many questions and many thoughts she needed to talk about. “It is rather scary since I have never done this before”, she said. She was right about that, but when she finally died, it was a peaceful death. I believe we might avoid talking about death being afraid of death ourselves. I believe that there are two alternatives after death, either hell or heaven. I recently met a woman sitting crying over all those who refuse receiving Jesus as their Savior. I believe that we all should pray more for those who are lost and ask for love and wisdom to save them for eternity with God. People cannot receive Jesus if they haven’t heard about Him and we must present Him in such a manner that people understand that He is love and has taken all their sins and sicknesses. He conquered evil and He opened a way all the way into the Father. Jesus wants to be together with us always. He will never leave us, nor forsake us. No, He is our hope for today and for ever more.

Jesus is also a person that we might avoid talking about. It is not politically correct to talk about Jesus in Sweden where I live. It is a little easier to talk about God. Some Christians are also saying that God and Allah are the same and they think that it is easier to talk about God then. I think this is a deception since I do believe that there is only one God. In John 14:6 it says that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Many people can accept that there is a higher power, but Jesus becomes too personal. We must dare to talk about Jesus.

Another theme one can be persecuted for is to talk about Israel in a positive way. One can be ridiculed and despised if one stands up for Israel. I do not believe that we should talk about sensitive subjects for the mere reason of discussion, but we Christians have avoided to say what we think too long. We must say that God loves Israel and so do we. The Bible says that those who bless Israel will be blessed. I do not need to defend every decision taken by the Israeli government. Many people in Israel have an ungodly life-style. Politicians might also make mistakes, but I bless Israel and look forward to the day when Jesus will set His feet on the Mount of Olive.


Mother Else