Part 2

Most of us are eager to take care of our body. We are washing the body and we are eating healthy food. We take vitamins to strengthen our immunity and we want to have a proper sleep. It is also important to move our body. Some people eat too much and others too little and some are doing too much exercises and others too little, but the Lord wants out bodies to be in balance.

Last time I mentioned that those of us belonging to the Body of Christ is called the Bride or the Church. In 2.Corinthians 11:2 is Paul saying that he has promised Christ to have a chaste virgin. I the letter to the Ephesians 5:27 it is written that Christ present the church to Himself without spots and wrinkles and she should be holy and without blemish. In Matthew 25 we read about the ten virgins. They were all supposed to go out to meet the bridegroom, but five were wise and five were foolish. The foolish ones took their lamps with them, but had no oil. The five wise ones took a lot of oil plus their lamps. They had to wait for the bridegroom and they all went asleep, but in the middle of the night they heard a cry: “The bridegroom is coming. Go and meet him!” Everybody was making themselves ready to come, but the foolish ones wanted to get oil from the wise one, but they refused and said that it would not be enough for everybody. The bridegroom came while the foolish ones were in the store buying oil. When they came back, the door was closed and the bridegroom said when they were crying out for him to open the door: “I do not know you.” I have a seen a film about this and it was terrible to watch those standing, hammering on the closed door. I have had a burden for those calling themselves Christians, but are lacking oil. I do not have a clear revelation about what the oil represents,. but I want to have everybody with me to heaven. I am so happy that I am not the one to decide whom to come to heaven and not. I do not want to create fear either. If you have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior and you want to be near to Him, you are on the right path to heaven.

Many are wondering why Jesus has not come to get His bride. Could it be because the bride has some spots and wrinkles? We cannot make ourselves pure in our own strength, but Jesus can dress us in His righteousness. Our white wedding-dress is His righteousness. We cannot get married in dirty clothes.

We have had several prophetic messages lately about the fact that the Bride is weak and far from spotless. She is not healthy either. Most Christians have one or the other sickness and when one enters a Christian meeting, one might discover tendencies that are not Biblical. I was once in a meeting where one wanted to drive out the meniscus. I am so glad that the Lord doesn’t answer all our prayers. In this case the person would have gotten a serious knee problem. One might laugh about it, but I think it is sad that people are not lead by The Holy Spirit. I have seen people crawling on the floor like snakes. Some people understand that this is demonic, but I have heard pastors encouraging more of this behavior. They might lack a gift of discernment, but not only that; they do not know what comes from God and what comes from the enemy. That crates chaos.

Witchcraft through control is practiced in quite a few churches. The members might be manipulated to give beyond their capacity or to mainly serve the pastor. I have heard that one should totally ignore the calling of God in order to support the pastor in his calling. In some churches one cannot visit other churches. You are not loyal then. I was refused to help a family in the church that I left.

Today many are following the politic of the country more than the Word of God. They are afraid to stand up for the truth. In Sweden you can come in prison if you read from the Bible where it says that homosexuality is sinful. The consequence is that many churches have accepted homosexual marriages.


I do not believe that all Christians should think alike. We are unique individuals with different background, different interests and taste. I might not like all music even if it should be spiritual since it isn’t my taste.

I know that the Bible might be difficult to understand sometimes, but I do not understand that some Christians do not think that it is important to read the Word. That is an important way for the Lord to speak to us. If some people do not want to hear me when I talk or read what I am writing, I feel rejected.

We reject God by not reading His Word. 

I started this chapter by describing how we take care of our physical body. It is just as important to take care of the Body of Christ.  It must be cleansed and the members must be connected in love. They must have contact with the Head that is Christ and everybody must know what part they are. Are you a finger, foot or a mouth? Do not try to be something that you are not made for.


Mother Else


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