REVIVAL, part 2


Part 2

When we receive Jesus and get saved, God’s spirit moves into our spirit and we become a new creation in Jesus Christ. One part of us gets ready for heaven. The letter to the Philippians 2:12 says that we should work on the salvation of our soul. When we get saved, we receive a power that helps us to live according to God’s will here on earth. We read I Romans 5:5 that the Lord has poured His love into our heart. That means that we have received a lot of love. We can activate that love when we feel lonely and abandon.

In Acts 1:8 we read that we will receive power when The Holy Spirit comes over us and we should be His witnesses. I understand that this power is to be used for others. When I am supposed to preach or teach, I ask The Holy Spirit to be with me and anoint me for the task. There are times when I have sensed the Holy Spirit coming over me like a coat, but when I am ready, it leaves again. The Holy Spirit in me has naturally not left. I wrote last time that we have to be revived before we can revive others. This time I will write less about you and me, but more about how we can influence others.

Let us continue to read Acts 1 and 2. When The holy Spirit came on Pentecost, they were all in one accord in one place. They had been praying since Jesus had ascended to Heaven. The Holy Spirit came with fire and sat on each of them. They were all filled with The Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. When people saw all this, that thought they were drunk on wine. They must have acted in another way than their usual behavior. Peter was the one to take the lead. He spoke to the people and he referred to the prophet Joel. Many received the message of Peter. They got a sting in their heart and they repented of their sins and 3000 were added to the church. I think that this is real revival. It started with The Holy Spirit. Then you saw manifestations of The Holy Spirit. The Peter preached the Word and people realized that they were sinners in need of salvation. They received the message and they got baptized.

Today there are some churches that are very eager to see manifestations. It doesn’t need to be wrong, but if God and Jesus aren’t the main focus, it gets wrong. The other ditch is that some believe that all manifestations come fro the devil. That isn’t right either. Manifestations are not interesting without bearing godly fruits. When you pray for revival, go back to the Bible and read about the first revival. I also recommend you to ask God to give you the gift of discernment. You would know the difference between godly manifestations and those coming from the devil.

We have seen different types of revival the last 100 years. Some have emphasized baptism in the Holy Spirit. Others have emphasized repentance. We have heard about the laughter-revival and the revival emphasizing healings and sign and wonders. We have also had prayer-revivals that have transformed regions and even entire countries. The crops got bigger and healthier and the criminality went down in a drastic way and many came to faith. This is just some of the things happening. Some of these revivals were connected to one or more persons. Others refer to places like Azusa street in the beginning of the 1900 century and the one in Toronto some years back.

The Lord can come over groups of people, but also over areas. I have read about a revival in Wales. They had not announced any speakers, but The Holy Spirit fell over the meetings. People could be met by the Lord at their working place and they got aware of the fact that they were sinners. I believe that repentance is an important part of revival. Jesus is the only way to God and Jesus took our sins. If we do nt see that we are sinners, we do not need a Savior. Billy Graham preached the Gospel and many got saved through his campaigns. He didn’t emphasize The Spirit and manifestations, but people got saved. He was preaching about sin and grace, about heaven and hell and pointed to the Cross. Hell is not mentioned in a lot of churches today. Some are saying that everything is clear since Jesus carried all of our sins, but 1.John 1:9 is saying that we should confess our sins if we sin and then He will forgive us since He is just and righteous.

We must actively receive what Jesus has done for us.

I believe that prayers, personal repentance and cleansing are forerunners for a greater revival. There are prophesies saying that we will have a great, but short revival before Jesus is coming for His Bride. I believe that the Lord is waking up His people. Wherever I am people are talking about coming closer to the Lord. They also refer to the Word of God saying that we have to keep to the promises I the Word. Right now the world is changed because of an epidemy of corona. The economy is collapsing and the fear is great. We must cry out to the Lord and pray that people will turn to Him for their rescue. When we have very uncertain times, it might be a favorable condition for revival.


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