REVIVAL, part 2

REVIVAL Part 2 When we receive Jesus and get saved, God’s spirit moves into our spirit and we become a new creation in Jesus Christ. One part of us gets ready for heaven. The letter to the Philippians 2:12 says that we should work on the salvation of our soul. When we get saved, we receive a power that helps us to live according to God’s will here on earth. We read I Romans 5:5 that the Lord has poured His love into our heart. That means that we have received a lot of love. We can activate ... (read more)

REVIVAL, part 1

REVIVAL Part 1 How many prayer-meetings have you attended where they pray for revival? I have been to many, but I am not always sure what we pray for. I am not an expert on revival-history, but I have read about quite a few revivals. I will start by writing about a revival that has to do with us as individuals before I write about the revival reaching many. The first point goes like this: God, wake me! Many of us have an alarm-clock waking us in the morning. As a pensioner I do not always need ... (read more)