The entire world has been turned up- side down during the last weeks. If we turn on the news, we hear about the Corona virus. If we read newspapers, we read about the virus. This has been the situation since this epidemic started in China. Entire regions were closed and the population could not leave nor enter certain areas. The virus spread rapidly and the whole world is more or less affected by this. Italy, Spain and France have been severely attacked in Europe. Right now there is a crisis in New York. Many countries have closed their kinder gardens and schools. Elderly people are recommended to stay in their homes and many countries have closed their borders. Some people get some mild symptoms while others get very sick and must stay in hospital. The virus affects the lungs and some are in need of a respirator. A certain percentage die of the sickness.

Some countries isolate the population to their homes. People have started to work from their homes. There are countries where you cannot go to a hairdresser nor to a psychologist. I live in Sweden and the regulations have been less there compared to many other countries. We are not supposed to hug each other when we meet and we should keep a certain distance. We are washing our hands frequently and you find bottles with spirit everywhere.

The entire world has entered a state of fear. Many people are losing their work and many go bankrupt. The economy of the world is in total chaos.

How do you and I react as Christians when these things are happening? I do not believe that we know that before we are in the crisis. I have as a counsellor experienced that very deep and old wounds from old trauma come to the surface. It might be emotions that have been suppressed for years, but the outward pressure is strong and that brings these deep feelings to the surface. This might be very unpleasant for the person in question, but very necessary. We read in Philippians 2:12 that we should work on the salvation of our soul. That means that we should get rid of the things that do not belong there. The devil loves to make us fearful. I feel quite calm, but I do not think that we are not affected by the situation one way or the other.

I have thanked the Lord that I have kept calm. I read psalm 91 out loud every morning and I proclaim His promises over me and my closest family. When I read about pestilence, I say that Corona should not come near me nor any plague near my dwelling. I took oil on the door to my home. In The Old Testament they put blood on their front door and the angel of death had to pass their house then. I am also celebrating communion often. I am thanking Jesus then for what He did on the Cross. (Isaiah 53:4+5) I I haven’t isolated myself from others, but I keep a certain distance and I wash my hands thoroughly as soon as I have been outside my home.

Our confidence in the Lord is tested during these days. That’s why I seek Him more than ever, for my own sake and that of others. Our bodies are like temples of The Holy Spirit and the Lord wants to fill His temple with His glory. Everything unclean must leave then. I really feel that the Lord wants to heal and deliver people in these days. Prophets have for a long time prophesized that the dark will get darker and the light brighter. We mush shine more clear than ever. Many people are living in fear of the virus, but many more are anxious about the economical situation. You have a choice:

   You are either worrying or you seek the Lord and trust in His promises.

Some prophets are saying that this situation is used by God to wake up people. He wants people to call upon Him. Others are saying that the situation will turn in the middle of April. I really do not know what will happen, but I do know that the Lord is with me and He wants me to focus on Him. He has promised never to leave me nor forsake me and I have several times experienced that angles have saved me in life-threating situations.

         Throw your worries on Him for He cares for you. (1.Pet.5:7)

A Christian woman I know got sick and she didn’t know if she had the Corona. She went outside among other people as soon as she felt a little better. I thought she was egoistic. We should care for other people. They might have a worse immunity than myself. I talk to the immune system every day in the name of Jesus. I command it to function the way God has created it to do. It has been created to protect us.

I am happy when I hear about churches gathering food and they drive them out to poor people. Neighbors and families are helping those being isolated. Many people might need a telephone or another encouragement these days.



Mother Else