I am not mad nor have I been too long in the summer-sun. I do use symbols when I want to get a point across and this is one of those times.

I have mentioned this before, but I want to write more about it this time. It’s about a small problem that we get demonic help to make very big. Sometimes the problem doesn’t even exist except in our head.

I will philosophy over some approaches. We human beings seem to have a big problem with one word: the word no. I have actually threatened to write a book about how to say no without having a bad conscience. We have a tendency to allow others to rule us in a wrong way because we do not want conflicts or unpleasant situations. Do other people own us? I do know that there are times when we should compromise, but do not compromise with The Holy Spirit.

You might be in a party and you do not want alcohol, but the others come and say: “Take just one drink. Are you a sissy or a teetotaler? “They start laughing at you. Then you might start thinking: Maybe they do not want to be my friends anymore. They might think I am a fanatic. I will become unpopular. The thoughts will rise till tall houses and eventually you might drink in order to be accepted. Couldn’t you have answered that you prefer something else to drink? If they had continued to push you, you could have easily said: “We have different taste and changed the topic. When you start thinking about the consequences of a no, a big balloon is blown up and the no is changed to a yes.

I recently heard about some people wanting and needed to break a bad relationship but they didn’t dare. They were afraid that somebody in the family should ask about that person and what should they say. They could easily say that we do not have so much contact now so we do not know. A big balloon could easily be punctured.


Why do we create problems instead of solving them?


If you find it difficult to say no or feel insecure, you are actually having an opening for the other person(s) to keep on bombarding you with questions. The devil is playing with your fear. If you feel secure knowing that no one has any right to know everything about you, you stop the mouth of the enemy. I do believe in openness, but I am the one who decides over my life. If I do not want to drink alcohol, I do not need to go into any discussion about it.


A young girl or woman is out at a party and a boy or man is approaching her in an inappropriate way. He wants to have sex with her, but she really doesn’t want that, but the thoughts are coming and they are building a balloon between him and her own will. She is starting to think about all the things that could happen if she says no. She really should think more about the things that could happen if she says yes, but the devil is not interested in that. She could just say: “I would like to be your friend, but I do not want to have sex with you. We hardly know each other.” This doesn’t happen so often among Christians, but even Christians can be tempted to have sex outside of wedlock. If you have decided to wait with sex until you are married, you can say that and keep on smiling. Do not start to imagine what the other person thinks about you. If the other person has respect for you, he or she will also respect your choices then.


Many of the demonic balloons are created because you think too much about what others feel about you when you say no.


                                     We cannot be liked by everybody.

If you want to be liked by everybody, you might compromise both with yourself and God. There is no reason to make neither of them sorry. I do not know how many people who told me that they were having problems forgiving themselves for not saying no when they were tempted by the devil. They get self-contempt. The Lord can help them get over these things, but it’s much better to say no and avoid a big problem. I have talked to women at different places confessing infidelity, but they had no desire to leave their husbands. They were in deep despair. A simple no might have led to a few silly comments, but a yes caused big problems for more than one person. Forgiveness and healing are needed, maybe for a longer period of time.

Most of us Christians have received a prophesy. I thank God for prophetic words, but sometimes they can lead to the creation of big balloons. The Lord might say that he wants us to move to another place. He might not say anything more at the moment and we start thinking. Where shall we move? When are we supposed to move? It won’t work since my wife doesn’t like to move. I hesitate to take my children out of school. I could continue with all the thoughts and worries that might come. If you trust in God, it will be as He has said. You must rest in Him. Ask Him if you should make any move yourself. If you do not get an answer, wait till you get one. God spoke to me eight years ago. He said He was going to send me to a certain country, but I haven’t been there yet, but I rest in Him. I could easily have blown up a balloon and started thinking that I have made it up. It wasn’t God. Can I trust what I hear? It really doesn’t happen. I am thankful that this balloon wasn’t blown up. I seriously believe that it was the Lord and I will let you know when it happens.


Some people might start thinking a lot if someone didn’t say hello to them or maybe they meant something else than what they actually said. The devil is an expert in making us misunderstand and misinterpret. Many people ask me what I think a certain person meant when they said this or that. I really avoid that kind of guessing. If you wonder, ask. That can take a minute. Building up thoughts can steal a whole night’s sleep. My children asked me what was wrong if I looked serious. I was most of the time in my own thoughts, but it was good that they asked. Otherwise they might think that they had done anything wrong, maybe I was mad or was I sick or depressed? I do not understand why we are so afraid of asking if we wonder.

                       Big crisis could have been avoided by simple questions.  


What kind of balloons do we blow up when we are sick and even get a diagnosis? Do we think the worst and believe that we should die or do we grab hold of the Word of God and confess the truth? If you are sick, I do not think that you should deny that, but the truth is above the facts. Jesus has carried our sicknesses on the Cross. We do not need to carry what He has already carried. That is the truth. I have had to stand in many battles for my health so I do know that it isn’t always easy. The truth must be more real to us than the demonic balloons that the devil is blowing up. If you always keep to the truth, the truth will win and bring you out into freedom.





Mother Else