Part 2

What you need is: love, willingness and knowledge of the area where you want to help. To serve God is a lifestyle. Jesus had a full-time occupation and ministry.

When one is helping others, it can be part of daily life activities. Others are volunteers and some are having a paid occupation either in the church or in the society. I, myself am educated as a social worker and I have helped many through my professional work. I was not allowed to talk about Jesus at certain working places and that became quite frustrating since I believe that He is The Answer to our problems. I have also helped many on a voluntary basis. That is my every-day life today. I do counselling, preach and teach.

Today I will write about counselling given by pastors, deacons, Christian therapists and people being educated and trained as counsellors. Last time I wrote a little about the motives for helping others. I do hope that your motif is divine. A counsellor receives people with problems. There are no limitations in what kind of problems. All counsellors are unfortunately not capable to deal with all kind of problems. I have heard about many examples of that. I believe that the best counsellor is the one who lives in an intimate relationship with Jesus and the one listening to The Holy Spirit. The counsellor should also be willing to deal with his or her own problems. Otherwise one can project one’s own problems. You might think that the root of the client’s problems stem from the same root as yours. When you are a counsellor, you are there for the other person. Your own things should be dealt with another time.

There should be certain rules and frames for counselling both for place, time and content. One should talk in a room where others cannot see you and it should be fairly quiet. Professional secrecy is also very important. It can be difficult to decide how many times to meet the first time. I have had only one to many. It is important to talk about the reason for coming and what kind of expectancy. We must be good listeners. I am listening with four ears, two to what is said and two to The Holy Spirit. Some counsellors have some knowledge in psychology and is using this. I am also having that, but I use The Holy Spirit more. He is the best counsellor. Some people use a pattern for their conversation. I do not since I want to be guided by The Holy Spirit. Some counsellors are very quick in giving advice. I do not want to give advice. I try to help the other person to find his or her solutions.

You must never act as a judge. Our God is full of grace and He forgives all sins that are confessed. We should not compromise with sins, but we should not judge. We should also be very clear about the importance of forgiving oneself and others. That could be a process that starts with obedience. Out emotions might need some time.

A lot of problems run in the families. We have been given the authority to brake that according to 1.Peter 1:18. I do that in almost every counselling session. How? By using the Word and the sword that Jesus has given me to brake curses. He has already done it on the Cross. I can make what He has done a reality. I brake ties, deliver people from demons and lay my hands on them for healing. When a person comes to me, I always inform her or him that I believe that Christians can have demons in their soul and body. The spirit is perfect. I never lay hands on anybody without asking for permission. If I do not know the person, I ask if it is ok to pray in tongues.

Do not run over somebody’s free and God-given will!

I use the gifts of the Spirit during a counselling session. Many problems entered during early childhood and it is important to get to the root of the problem. Some counsellors talk only about the present problem and it can give some relief, but the root is still there. I want to cut the root in order for the entire tree to fall and the birds to fly out. I believe that you understand the symbolism.

It is important to ask how the other person experienced the session and make clear appointments for further talks if that is necessary.

It is also very helpful if the counsellor can come with some tools, maybe some Bible-verses to practice at home.

I have lately experienced that many want to learn more about casting out demons. Many churches lack knowledge about this. Some are afraid since they have experienced strong manifestations. That is not necessary. Jesus drove them out with a word.

I believe that it is preferable to be two during a counselling session, especially if you are new, but I have had a lot of talks alone. Sometimes I have asked others to pray during the appointed time.



Mother Else