I will not come with some easy solutions. I am in such a situation right now. I need the Lord’s wisdom just as much as you do when you come in such situations. I choose to look at Jesus. How did He react and what would He have done in my situation?

To be treated in an unfair way will most of the time create some pain and the pain might be even stronger if this is done by a close friend or family member. If one is in a situation when one is dependent on help from others for example doctors or some other within the health sector, one might get a feeling of helplessness. Many are fighting for their rights within health service or social services. I am not talking about those exploiting the system, but those in real need. I have worked as a leader for a municipal institution in Norway. When I came along with a patient to a doctor or another office within the social system, they said that they got treated much better when I was with them. “I wasn’t met in this way when I came by myself”, was a common phrase. One woman had been denied an appointment at the emergency ward. When I called up, we got an appointment right away. She was immediately sent to the hospital where she was treated for more than a week. Just think if I hadn’t used my title as a leader. Sometimes it might be a question of life or death. Many years back I worked in an office for social security. A man had applied for economical help. The application was laying around for a long time, but was finally accepted. The tragedy was that the man had committed suicide a few hours before he knew the answer.

There are too many people working in different systems that are misusing their power. We might call them small popes. They might have an inferiority complex and make a compensation by controlling others. Maybe they lack knowledge, but act as they know everything and make people feel worthless. Small popes are not existing only in secular systems, but also within the Body of Christ. In counselling I meet almost daily a person complaining about a controlling pastor or another Christian leader. Sometimes we are talking about physical abuse, but that is not so often. I would rather say that psychological abuse or spiritual rape are more common. What is spiritual rape? If people are driving over your will with the Word of God or jump on you by prophesying and praying without asking for permission. Some people are even pushing you to fall. We must respect our free will. Just think of all the prayers that are driven by demonic powers. People pray out their own desires instead of God’s will. God has given us an authority to use the name of Jesus, but we are not allowed to go beyond a person’s free will. My mother said that my will was in her pocket. A doctor tried to stop her in her manipulation. She was sick and I do not think that she understood the consequences of her actions.

When one is treated in an unfair way, one might start to think that God is far away or maybe think that God is against us. How can a good Daddy allow someone to treat His children in such a way? I know that I as a mother defended my children when they were small. The devil wants us to go against God when we are wounded and in despair, but that will make the situation worse and we fight against the wrong person. God is good and He wants the best for us. God is also a righteous God and in Romans 12:19 we read that the revenge belongs to the Lord. In Titus 2:15 it says that we should not allow anybody to despise us. It might look as these two scriptures are contradictory. Are we supposed to defend ourselves or are we allowed to say that we do no tolerate to be treated in such a way? Before I do anything, I ask The Holy Spirit, my Helper, for advice. I am often advised to tell the person hurting me that I feel hurt. Some people act without thinking and maybe they have not meant what I have interpreted. It is therefore important to talk about it. If you take a defense attitude with burning arrows in your hand, you will most likely end up with a discussion and an unnecessary war. Ask Jesus to be your defender and trust Him. He wants the best for you and He loves you.

There is one thing we do not need to ask for advice to do and that is to forgive. We must always forgive. Jesus forgave even when He was hanging on the Cross under scrutinizing pains. We read in Matthew 6:15 that the Lord will not forgive us if we do forgive others. It might take a long time before our emotions have been forgiven, but keep on forgiving till you are free and the pain is gone.

Take your pain to the Lord. Do not push it down. That might lead to bitterness. It is ok to cry and weep and it might even be helpful. We should never curse a human being, but bless. We must remember that the fight is not against people, but against principalities, against powers and the rulers of the darkness of this age and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12) Allow the Lord to revenge. He is just and He turns difficult situations to victory even if it might take some time. We might be tested in our faith and patience.



Mother Else