I haven’t had this as a theme for a very long time, but The Holy Spirit wanted me to take it up again. I might have mentioned it in connection with other themes, but I wanted it as a subject in itself.

If one looks at the beginning of the word, it is heal. That must mean that something is supposed to be made whole that has been sick or broken. One doesn’t need healing when you are well and everything is fine. When God created Adam and Eve, they were sound and healthy and had no problems. All this came after the fall of man. God doesn’t create anything that is broken or out of balance. Many handicapped people are born like that. Others who are gay might say that they are born that way and accuse God for their sexual behavior. God is a perfect God and what He is creating is also perfect, but we have an enemy and many sicknesses and handicap run in the family. It might be due to a family curse. We might inherit certain tendencies or sicknesses and viruses and bacteria are flying around and might hit us, especially if we are tired or have a low immunity. Many children are conceived without any prayers and the embryo and birth might not be covered by prayers either. Damages can therefore happen without this kind of Godly protection. Everything was perfect before sin entered the world. We are not necessary sick because of our own sins even if there are times when we have made an opening for the devil to enter. The wage of sin is death and all sicknesses are the beginning of death. Sin has entered mankind and we are no longer perfect.


Some preachers refuse to admit that they are sick. One of them heard that the Lord spoke to him saying that He could not heal him unless he confessed his cancer. If there was no cancer, there was nothing to heal.

We must recognize the facts, but believe in the truth.


What do I mean by that? The fact is that you have received a diagnosis or you have pain in a certain place. You cannot deny nor should you deny that. The Word of God is truth and you can decide the truth to cry out louder than the facts. If we all the time is identifying with the sicknesses, fear or problems, we might get stuck. God has a medicine for our sicknesses and problems and has shown us a way out of them.


No sickness is sent by God.


You and the Lord must agree that everything that doesn’t come from the Lord is an enemy that should be fought in His power.


                     Jesus solved the problem of sin and sickness on the Cross.


I recite 1.Peter 2:24: “He, Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness – by whose stripes we are healed.” This Scripture refer to Is.53:4+5. Isaiah talks about something that was going to happen while Peter said it has happened. He was actually there then. The last words Jesus said before He gave up His spirit were: “ It is finished! “ Colossians 2:14-15 is writing that all our guilt is wiped out and Jesus disarmed the principalities and powers and He triumphed over them. It is very important that we understand that Jesus not only took our sins on the Cross, but also our sicknesses. “Yes, but sicknesses do exist,” you might say. I will naturally answer yes to that, but so does sin. I actually see more sins and evil in the world than ever. I have accepted Jesus as a sacrifice for my sins, but I also recognize Him as my medicine for my sicknesses. I have started to nail my illnesses and problems on a self-made cross in order to remind me and the devil that Jesus has already taken them with Him on the Cross. Why should I carry something that He has already carried?

It is important that we keep to the Word. Even if I have known this word for many years, I haven’t always seen an immediate result. I might have quoted 1.Peter 2:24 many times, but when I do not see an immediate result, I might focus more on the symptoms and the truth fades slowly away. I am mentioning this to you in order for you to understand that I also must stand firm and be patient. That doesn’t mean that I can’t testify about many healings both in me and my near family. It has happened through the different biblical ways that I will explain to you now.

Mark 16:18 says that all believers should lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. Jesus says that this is a sign following the believer. I understand that it must be a lot of unbelief in the Body of Christ since so many do not get well and many are not practicing this. Right before this verse we read that we should cast out demons. Even less people are practicing that. I do not have a special ministry of deliverance, but am a believer followed by this sign of delivering people. I have recently watched an American who sees a demon behind most diseases and problems. He talks to the demon or the problem and they are delivered and healed. It is not wrong to do it this way since no sickness comes from God, but everybody doesn’t have the gift of discernment. They might have a gift of healing or a gift for signs and wonders. They experience healings and miracles when they pray. Others have a special gift of faith and sees great things through this gift. Others use the gift of knowledge and people get encouraged and get faith when they hear that God wants to heal their special problem. In the book of James we read that we should confess our sins for each other and we would get healed. We also read that we should call on the eldest of the church and he or she should anoint us with oil. The apostle Paul used pieces of cloth from his shirts or other cloths. These were put on the sick and sicknesses and demons left. I use a prayer-cloth quite often. I might use oil, but will always have as many as possible to pray over it before we give or send it to a person. The cloth and the oil are only symbols, but they are biblical tools. The Bible also talks about fasting in order to get a break-through.

When we pray for the sick, we must focus on the Lord and not on ourselves. We are only a channel for the Lord’s healing power. We cannot heal anybody.


I have read material from many Christian counsellors. Quite a lot of it is good, but I get frightened when I see that many are making a pattern that must be followed instead of being led by The Holy Spirit. I never meet a person with a teaching material, but with the guidance of The Holy Spirit. He is my Teacher and I want to do things the way Jesus did it. He drove out demons with one word. He saw every person as a unique person and treated them differently. We only read once that He took some soil and spat on it and put it on a blind man’s eye. Maybe we should be glad that He didn’t make it as a pattern.

Shall we only pray for the believers? No, Jesus said that it would rain over the righteous as well as the unrighteous. That will often be used as a sign for people to come to the Lord.






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