Part 1

I will right away answer yes and no. I will use the next hours to explain what I mean by that. Yes, I do spend some hours on the writing in two languages.

God is not a floating mass. No, we call Him Daddy or Father and Jesus and The Holy Spirit are also parts of The Deity. Our Father is seated in Heaven and Jesus is on His right side. The Holy Spirit is on the earth and He can be present at many places at the same time. He is not limited by time nor place. I do not quite understand how that function, but my brain is limited. I do know that The Holy Spirit comes to everyone that calls upon His help.

We read in the first chapter in the Bible that we are created in the image of God. We are also three with spirit, soul and body.

Luke 1:37 says that nothing is impossible for God. That means that He can do everything. In Mark 9:23 we read that everything is possible for the one who believes. That means that my faith has no limitations. We are actually not talking about my faith, but God’s faith in me. God will not be stopped by nothing or anybody We have spiritual laws and regulations and God has to function within the borders of these laws since He has made them. God knows that this world is in the hands of the devil. It would be fantastic if God had the sovereign power over this world. We would have entered the millennium then. Those laws that God set for the Jews before Jesus came, the Jews are still practicing, but we Christians live under the grace and by the power of the Cross.

Christ has set us free!

When I think about the Lord, I am not thinking about something narrow and small, but I think big and with lots of variations. There are no limits to His creative power. Just think about all the varieties of fish and animals. We have animals that are so tame that we can have them in our laps and then we have wild animals that we should be strongly protected from. Then we have so many flowers in all kind of colors and forms. God has planted them over all the earth according to temperature and climate. In Scandinavia we have fur trees, but we enjoy palm trees where there is a higher temperature. Even we human beings are created with different colors and forms.

We have a very creative Creator!

Since we are created in His image, we are also creative. We have different creative talents and possibilities. We are unfortunately not using them to the fullest, but we have them. All human beings have a creative mind.

The Bible says that God’s love is unconditional. That means that His love has no limitations. He says that we should not only love those who love us, but even our enemies. In Romans 12:20 we read that we should give our enemies food if they are hungry. We are heaping coal of fire on his head then. We human beings are most of the time loving conditionally. Some of you disagree with me about God’s unconditionally love. You refer to many places in the Bible giving instructions about Christian living. Yes, the Bible is full of instructions, but it doesn’t say that God stops loving His children when they make a mistake. Think about king David in the Old Testament. He committed what we consider big sins, but he was still loved by God.

God hates the sin, but loves the sinner.

Here we see that God is both boundless and One who sets boundaries. We may go back to Moses when God gave the Ten Commandments. They have become a help for many countries when the commandments for the country was written. God has also given many more laws and regulations. They are given us for our sake, not for His. It is not good for us to worship other gods or envy our neighbor. It is not good for a married man to watch another woman with lust. It is not good for us to drink so much alcohol that we get drunk or to sleep with someone else than your wife or husband. Strife and arguments are often coming from our flesh. We actually read in Galatians the fifth chapter that we will not inherit eternal life if we keep doing those things. I look upon heaven as my final home and destiny. I have received Jesus in me and I want Him to continue to live in me.

When the Lord is setting boundaries for our lives, it is good for us. The opposite can often lead to anarchy and that means chaos. A child that is raised without clear boundaries, will often become insecure. They can become extremely self-centered and controlling or very nervous.

Free upbringing of children is not healthy for them.  

I will write about the borders of each country and God’s thoughts about that next time.



Mother Else