Part 2

My answer to that was both a yes and a no. God has created heaven and earth and His abilities have no limits. He has created everything that has life and I am amazed over how He has thought of every little detail. He has created everything that grows on earth and every cell has its purpose and function. God’s creative abilities have no limits, but everything created is built on exact laws of nature and that has its limitations. Palm trees ought to be in warm climate, wild animals should not be close to where people are living. I do enjoy watching films about nature and I always get impressed by the way God has thought of every little detail.

I wrote last time that the Bible is like a teaching book. It teaches us how to live. God is eternal and unlimited, but He has set up clear boundaries in order to protect His children. Children in all age groups need to know where the borders are. When I come to a new country, I need to know the laws and the codes of that country. When one starts in a new job, you need to know what to do, how to dress and what is expected of you. Some of you might say that you do not want any control, but certain rules and regulations do not need to be control, but necessary to create safety and a sense of security. If a boss sits there and watches you unnecessary and gives you a feeling of being stupid, that smells of control.

I am Norwegian and celebrated the 17th of May, our National Day. I live in Sweden where most of the Swedes lack a feeling of love for their country. I have shown my friends how we celebrate our Norwegian National Day and told about our traditions and some have cried. I will give a short summary of a 17th of May. It starts very early with music and people gather at different memorial places. Children and parents gather at different schools where they sing National songs and they have a speech for the day, often made by a student or the director of the school. After this, there is a parade. Almost every school has it own music band and maybe choir. This year we had 120 schools parading in Oslo passing the castle and greeting the royal family. Each school has a big group of Norwegian flags. Many schools are open after the parade and you can buy ice-cream and hot-dogs and there are different games. Everybody dresses up in nice clothes that day. Many families are gathering for some meals and many groups and churches are arranging a party. There are some places where both children and adults go in parade. The pre-school children usually go in parade the day before. That means that they are introduced to a love for their country already as small children. God is mentioned in many of our National songs and I believe that this day is pleasing to God.

We live in a time where strong powers will delete our national borders and they will build a world government. The same powers are preparing for Anti-Christ. We call this for globalism. When the borders are unclear and one lacks love for our country, we do not have this strong desire to defend the country.

I just came home from Ukraine. Russia took some parts of Ukraine in 2014. There has been some fighting in Ukraine since then. The Ukrainians have become more Ukrainians and they speak more and more their own language and they want to protect their own country.

When our independence and freedom are threatened, we rise up and start understanding what we have and what to fight for.

The number of refugees is increasing in great numbers all over the world. Some countries have very open borders while others have a lot of restrictions. I really believe that we should help those in serious need. The question is where and how. The countries with very open borders have gotten big problems. In Sweden there are many places where criminal refugees have taken over and the police doesn’t dare to enter these areas. Wrong people have come to the country and they lack healthy limitations for their behavior and the police is helpless and maybe coward. Demonic powers want to take over. I love Muslims, but I do not get happy when they say that they should take over. We will have our laws they say. I will not live in a free country then.

I believe that the Lord wants to have independent countries with their own language and their own culture. I do believe that we should work together and learn from each other. I also believe that we should learn some major common language. We need to communicate.

Here in the Nordic countries we have the Cross in our flags. We must fight to keep the cross. We have different colors in our flag, but the cross is the same. Many want to get rid of the cross, but that is an important symbol for us Christians and we must protect it.

I cherish some of our Norwegian culture and traditions, but I do not follow them if they go against the Bible and God’s principles. The love for the Lord is greater than the love for Norway.


Mother Else