We read in Matthew 15:18 that we are not defiled by what we eat, but by what we say. I have recently been to another country and was asking if we could drink the water at the different places I was visiting. I didn’t want to get some germs in me. Are we just as careful about the germs coming out of your mouth? What are we spreading around us?

What do you talk about when you are together with your family? I do hope that you are eating dinner together quite often. What are you talking about around the table? Maybe it is quite silent around the table. I hope that it is a pleasant silence and not an unpleasant one. Is it a natural one or it is because you do not know how to communicate? The conversation around the table will concentrate around the themes that you are full of or think about. Maybe you are Christian and would like to talk about Jesus, but the rest of your family have said that they do not want any “Jesus-talk”. Maybe you have dreams and visions that you do not dare to share with anybody else. Maybe you have a different political view than the rest of your family. In some families they talk about things that are far away from being emotional or controversial. You can talk about the weather and what you have done during the day.

What do you share when you are together with friends? Some are only talking about all the wrong things in the church, at work, at home and in politics. An evening can pass by talking about only negative things. The people are almost competing in finding the worst stories. If everybody responds by saying: “How terrible.”, you feel successful. I am not saying that we should become like the ostrich hiding the head in the sand, not wanting to know what is going on around them. If one only talks about the negative things, one gives the devil way too much attention. He doesn’t deserve that.

I am part of three-four prayer groups and we always start by sharing what is in our hearts. It might be a verse from the Bible, a song or something that honors God. We will later pray against negative things, but we focus on the Lord first.

                                    He is on the Throne

How much do we talk about Jesus? How much do we think about Him? Some people are afraid to testify about Him to non-saved people. Isn’t He the best thing you have? How would our lives be without Him? He has paid the prize for our sins, wiped out the requirements against us and He made it possible for us to come back to our Father in heaven. Jesus carried our sicknesses and gave us peace. He is healing us today and He is giving us eternal life and hope.

                               Jesus is our Bridegroom.

The bride to be usually talks about her future husband a lot. She shows pictures of him to her entire family and friends. She is talking about all his positive qualities and she longing to spend the rest of her life with him. Do we act in the same way with our Bridegroom? Do we actually think about Jesus as our Bridegroom? Do we talk about the wedding that is prepared for us in heaven? Do we talk about the white dress, the dress of righteousness? I seriously think that we are busier with our daily routines. Colossians 3:2 writes that we should focus on the things above. Maybe we need to change our focus a little bit or maybe a lot?

When I attended Bible-school, we talked a lot about a pamphlet with Bible verses about faith and other promises. I thought that our repeated confession could sound like mechanic words at the time, but that has changed. The Lord has taught me about the importance of words. Words are creative and we should create positive and divine things. The letter of James says that we have life or death in our tongue. The Word of God doesn’t return void and I gladly confess the Word of God today. I believe that something happens when I confess it.

Many Christians are cursing both themselves and others with their mouth. “What do mean?”, some of you might say. Many parents are cursing their children. They might say: “You will die if you do not finish your food.” If this will be repeated often, the child might believe it and get a fear. I do not say that we should throw away food, but you do not have to say that you would die. Others might say: “You will never get a job if you do not get the best grad at school. That creates a great pressure on the child and becomes a curse if he or she doesn’t get the best grade. You have no idea how often I have to brake curses from parents and teachers over people. They might be adults today, but the words are still there. Many are talking badly about themselves. “Nobody will marry me since I am so ugly.” Others say: “ I will never succeed in life.” I am a bird of ill omen.” The devil is very happy when you say these kinds of things. He has something to work with then.

                        Confess the truth about yourself and others.

The truth has to be founded on the Word of God.


Mother Else