I believe that you have to live in the Nordic countries to fully understand what I am writing about this time. Here we have four different seasons. March, April and May are considered to be the spring months. The trees are without any leaves and there are no flowers or other herbs growing during the winter. It is cold and the ground is often covered by snow. Everything is hidden underneath the ground, ready to spring forth when the sun is warming the ground.

In what season are you right now? Maybe you feel that everything is dry and nothing is happening. Maybe the Lord is working with you underneath the ground. The deeper we get underneath the ground, the warmer it gets. The seeds are already ready to come forth when spring is coming. Your inner being is your spirit and in it you have everything you need for divine life and fruits. The devil doesn’t want you to see those nor to use them. Heaven have moved into your spirit and you lack neither power, peace nor life. You have received enough faith to move mountains. Your spirit has everything you need for this life and you are ready to move to your final destination which is heaven. The soul might still need cleansing and in heaven we get a new body.

It is quite dark during the last months of fall and during the winter months. We do use lamps inside, but spots and dust will easily hide. That is very difficult to do when the strong sun-light comes during spring. The more lights, the more difficult it is to hide the dirt. I cannot see clearly through the windows anymore. All the spots are visible and I do understand that something has to be done. Sometimes I even need some help since I am getting older. Every spring I compare the physical dirt with our spiritual condition. When we live a lukewarm Christian life, it is not so easy to see our sins and short comings.

  We need to come under the sunlight of God.

How do we do that? Some Christians are testing God and wonder how near a cliff they can live without falling. This means that they live as close to the standards of the world as possible hoping that they still will be considered children of God. You are playing with fire. One will enter a bright spiritual sunlight by being close to the Father. Living far away leads a person into a dim. When one has been with the Father, one doesn’t want to watch pornography right away. “I never watch pornography,” you might say. I never do either, but many do, even pastors. Many have confessed this to me. We must talk about it. It will be easier to confess it then and ask for help.

The Lord is preparing the Bride and He wants her to be white and spotless. He is therefore eager to call us into a close relationship with Him and into a spiritual dimension.

When winter is here, it is dark and I do not see the details of the dirt, but the spring sun reveals everything. I was having guests the other day and I could see the spots on the stove and the finger prints on the drawers and the doors. I saw dust everywhere. I couldn’t see clearly through the windows and I had more than enough to do. It was quite tiresome to see all the things, but I was also happy to be able to see and do something about it.

The more I live with the Lord, the cleaner I want to be. There are films and Tv-programs that I saw before that I cannot see today. I did some things that God gave me a time of grace for before, but not any longer.

Spring cleaning is tiresome and I must do little by little. That is the same with my personal spring cleaning. The Lord cannot take all at the same time. We talk about confession of sins, repentance, deliverance and healing. Romans 12:2 talks about renewing your mind. That takes time. Maybe we have to stop some old habits. Sometimes we have to change friends, stop going to certain places and groups and start new churches and look for new relationships.

You must not do a spring cleaning by using your own power. That might become religious and will not have a positive outcome. It is the Lord that is the sun shining on the dirty things. He is using the Word and the Spirit. He will give you power to change the things that need to be changed and He wants you to keep the joy. That is your strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)

What do we use when we clean? We use soap, a scrub or cloth and a lot of water. The soap is like the Word and the water is like the symbol of the Holy Spirit. We do have the living water inside of us and we never run empty.

Ask the Lord to help you during the spring cleaning. Do not remove things that should stay. Be led by The Holy Spirit. Some spots have been there for years. Others are new. They should all be removed and washed away.



Mother Else