Part 1

I do not think that there is another word than the word love that has been used more in speech and in writing, but I still think that there are many that do not quite understand what the word really means. If I should ask different people what that word really means to them, I would get many different answers. The Bible is writing a lot about love and I will refer to some of them, but I will also keep to the title. Many are unfortunately living as they do not know that they are loved neither by God nor people.

In Matthew 22:37-40 a lawyer asked Jesus about the greatest commandment in the law. Jesus said: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” The second one is: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.

When I have counselling, I often hear people complain about rejection and a lack of basic love. God wants every child to get a base of love. Some children lack a father while others have had a father who has treated them wrongly. Some fathers have not been present emotionally. There is a great difference between being physically present and being emotionally present. Some fathers are sitting with a newspaper or in front of the television and they do not talk to their children who are longing for attention. There are also mothers who are too busy and they forget to ask their children about their day and their experiences. We can quite often hear about harassed children and they have kept their pain for a very long time, sometimes years. Why? They have not had any adults they could trust and feel safe with. Maybe they were never asked why they looked sad. Children might also have a fear for reprisals.

I hear this sentence quite often: “I cannot remember ever sitting in the laps of my mother or remember my father hugging me.” They might have had a bed to sleep in and necessary food and clothing, but they were not met emotionally.

A baby is usually held a lot and it is carried around. One changes diapers and feed the baby, but some mothers cannot get close to the baby and the baby lacks physical contact. My mother could not touch me much and I was often sick and had a doctor coming home to me. The doctor was kind to me and he touched me. As an adult I have actively refused to use sickness as a way to get physical contact and attention.

The body needs to know that it is loved.

Many are dissatisfied with their looks and some are using a lot of money to improve their looks. This will sometimes cause bad damages followed with great pain. Do you believe that one with anorexia loves his or her body? No, they think that they are too fat and they have wrong images of themselves. They do not dare to eat in fear of getting more fat. A bulimic doesn’t love his or her body either. The body constantly demands more food, but the person throws often up the food. Others get too fat and they seriously dislike their bodies. The Bible calls the body for a temple for The Holy Spirit. It is written in 1.Corinthians 3 that we are God’s temple and the temple is holy. Some people make the temple dirty by practicing wrong sex. Others eat wrong food and some people move around too little. When people are suffering from chronical diseases, I ask the Lord to repair the temple that means our body. The temple must sometimes be cleansed.

    The more we love the temple, the better we take care of our body.

Some people look at their body as sinful. Do you think that God would call it a temple if He thought of it as sinful? Do you think He would create something sinful? He has created us with spirit, soul and body. It is the devil that might pervert a lot of what God has created. God has created people with a desire for sex and an ability to have sex, but the devil has perverted this. The Bible says that we should practice sex between a man and a woman and within the frame of marriage. Many are accusing the Christians for being judgmental when we turn to what the Bible writes about sex. Some say that we deny people to be loved. I can understand that some people get tempted to practice sex in another way than what the Bible describes, but God wanted to protect His children and that is the reason for making laws and regulations.

                                   Father God loves us.

I believe that this fact is something we need to live from every day. If we do not understand that God is good and that He loves us, we will lack a foundation of security.

There will be a continuation.


Mother Else



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