I do not mean that you should throw away everything that you have learned. Most people have had a chance to go to school and we are not supposed to throw away all our knowledge. When my children went to school, they participated in most of the education, but they (we) could not accept the teaching about the evolution. They also showed certain films that neither we nor my children wanted to see. They were also against certain parts of the teaching about sex. They said no to the teaching that was against the Word of God.

I have studied quite a lot of psychology, but when I started with Christian counselling, I asked The Holy Spirit to filtrate my knowledge and take away the things that were wrong. I accept cognitive therapy since Romans 12:2 says that we should renew our mind and a lot of cognitive therapy has to do with changing our thinking. I worked with two psychologists and they had groups for people with fear and depression and they talked about white birds and black birds. “Who is talking to you now?”, they would say. We would ask if our words came from God or the devil. Psychologists might help people to a certain extent, but they cannot heal nor deliver people. Only Jesus can and He does it willingly.

If you have been a Christian for a long time and the Lord has spoken to you and given you revelations, you must by all means keep them. Whatever comes from the Lord, is eternal and can be used at all times. This is one reason why I do not think that we should throw away old psalms with a deep spiritual content. A lot of old things are very valuable. New things can be both good and bad. We are supposed to receive what is born by God and that will overcome the world.

Many people today are seeking spiritual experiences, but many are seeking in polluted sources. New Age is a word that can embrace many religions and its root is occult since Jesus is not the only true way to God. Many are practicing yoga and are meditating, but not on the Word of God. They might read certain verses from the Bible and that causes even a stronger confusion. Many are receiving revelations from the devil and they have helpers or guiding angels, but these are not sent by God. Others are fortunetellers and some are speaking to the dead. I am sure you have heard about mediums. I will not go into more detailed information about New Age, but I want to emphasize the importance of being cleansed from all influences from New Age before you start using the gifts of The Spirit given to you by God.

Do you mean that I should throw away all books and teachings that I received from New Age? Yes, I do. Romans 12:2 says that we should renew our mind with The Word of God. If you have done anything under the influence of other gods, you have to confess that as sin and say no to that. Maybe you have to throw away things. Many people have burned old satanic music or books and paintings.

Some people have come under the influence of mysticism. One might experience some wonderful peace. Where does the peace come from and who is in the focus? I experienced a wonderful peace many, many years ago, but it encouraged me to take my life. The Lord intervened and gave me a spiritual revelation that saved my life. All peace does not come from God.

When you get saved, a new life with the Lord begins. The Lord has a plan for you and He will give you the gifts of The Spirit that you need for doing His work. I will say again that many mix these gifts with the revelations they had  before they got saved. They might have demons showing them things that are true, but you were not supposed to know these things. God is for example careful about telling you things about another person unless the person comes for help. When God shows you something, it is for a purpose. Maybe you should pray or help the person. Some people have a low self-image and they have a need to be heard and seen. They might get information from a wrong source. Be careful if somebody comes to you and says that they have gotten revelations that no one else has had. When God has revealed things for me, I have gotten these things confirmed by others having the same revelation.

Some people have been in other religions. Some have gotten revelations when they have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol. When you become a child of God, get rid of all the old stuff. It might be a long process demanding both deliverance and healing. Don’t take all at the same time. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you step by step and you may ask an experience Christian to help you in the process. When you start using the gifts of The Spirit, you might need confirmation and encouragement, but also corrections. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. The more you are with the Lord and The Word, the better you will understand what comes from the Lord and what comes from yourself or even the devil.


Mother Else