I live in Scandinavia and I am lucky that I can open the water tub and drink the water from it. The taste of the water can vary from place to place, depending on the source of the water. I live in a place where we have had quite a lot of chlorine in the water and the water doesn’t taste too good then. When the water comes from a mountain lake, it tastes very good. Bacteria might sometimes enter the water system and we have to boil the water then. I have been travelling to many countries where we have to buy water on bottles. We cannot drink from the tub. I might not even brush my teeth in it. We are also having stagnant dams and they are full of bacteria and we cannot drink from them. You would rather enjoy a running creek, coming from the mountain.

I have described different sources of water and we are very careful about the source of water when we are drinking. Are we just as careful when it comes to the spiritual? I have experienced a lot of pollution in the Body of Christ. I understand that Jesus is waiting to get His spotless Bride. The Bride are those of us receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior. Jesus made us spotless in our spirit, but our soul and body might be polluted.

Psalm 36:9 goes like this: “For with You is the fountain of life; In Your light, we see light.” We talk about the Lord here. We can also go to another psalm, psalm 87:7. It says: “All my springs are in You.”

I receive daily some suggestions from friends. They suggest what I should read or listen to. Others are calling or sharing when we are together things from different sources. I really want to know the source before I can fully trust what I hear. Is it based on the Word of God? If it doesn’t agree with the Word and the Spirit, I do not swallow the information. We can read about the church in Berea in Acts 17. They were willingly receiving the Word, but even so, they went to the Scriptures to find out if what was said agreed with the Word. We should absolutely do the same.

God’s Word is our source!

Some people have their favorite pastors they are listening to. Others love certain books or Christian films. Others live by You tube and they are jumping from one person to another. A lot of the things might be very good, but what about the Word? Most of us are both drinking and eating several times a day, but are we eating and drinking from the Fountain of Life? The Word is living and shall not return void. (Is.55:11)

Many people are living by their emotions. “It feels so right”, is a general saying. Yes, it does feel right when it is built on the Word and the Spirit. Why do I mention the Holy Spirit several times? The devil knows the Word and he might use it against people. We must therefore both read and interpret the Bible under the guidance of The Holy Spirit. I will give an example of misinterpreting. A man said: “I prayed to God for a gift and I found hash in the car and I thanked God.” Hash is not a gift from God.

Many new-born Christians have been involved in other religions earlier or lived a life in the kingdom of darkness. When they are born again and become a Christian, their spirit is born again, but not their soul. (Phil.2:12) If you are used to have spiritual revelations in the old life, it might be difficult to know where your revelations come from today. A well-known pastor in Sweden wrote a book saying that one should get rid of all the things from the old life before one is using the gifts of The Spirit. I believe that it is important to deny old patterns and old sources to operate in one’s life. That means that it might be important to go through some deliverance. The demons might be in the soul or in the body. I am sorry to say that many Christians have to parallel rivers, but with two different sources. The person having them might not be able to see the difference. The lines between them might sometimes be very thin. If you have an angel of light, it is especially hard to distinguish. New Age is also using Bible-verses and the angel of light seems very religious. If you have had false revelations in the past, you must humble yourself and seek help for deliverance. If more mature Christians see the two rivers, be bold and tell them, but in love.

I have people asking me several times a week if what they have read or heard is right. How can a known Christian say so and so? I am explaining the two rivers and the two sources.

We read in the psalms that all our sources are in the Lord. Some people are dependent on their income and think that the monthly income is their economical security. I do not deny that an income is important, but what if you lose your job? What source of security do you have then? One of the covenant names of God is that He is more than enough. The Lord is our Provider and He can use anybody or anything. Many are ruining their lives by being dependent on playing for money. Others are trying to get rid of fear and depression through use of alcohol, pills or drugs. These are poisonous sources when you get dependent on them.

Some seek comfort through pornography. Some pastors tell me that they use this when they had a dispute with their wife. That is a very polluted source.


Mother Else